ActBlue Now Active in Virginia & Mississippi

Ever since ActBlue was founded in 2004, we’ve aggressively expanded from helping federal candidates for U.S. Senate and Congress to aiding state executive and legislative candidates across the county. By the end of the ’05-’06 election cycle, ActBlue was set up to operate in 20 states, raising nearly a million dollars for state candidates and PACs.

We’ve increased that number to 22– having just become active in Mississippi and Virginia– both states with legislative elections in 2007. You can now scan the candidates in the candidate directories I just linked to and donate or create new fundraising pages for these states or even add their candidates to your existing fundraising pages.

A number of Virginia candidates have already embraced ActBlue and are using our system for their online fundraising- candidates like Chap Peterson, Carlos Del Torro, Bruce Roemmelt, Connie Brennan, and Susie Garner. In addition, Virgina bloggers have already raised over $4,000 for various candidates in less than two weeks but we’ll have more about them in a future post.

3 Comments for “ActBlue Now Active in Virginia & Mississippi”

Nathanael Nerode


Folks, the link to “Activate ActBlue fund” *no longer works*. It takes me to a directory of different candidates and whatnot I can donate to. The Activate ActBlue funds are *nowhere* in that list.
This is not an improvement.

Nathanael Nerode


OK, so there’s no way, any more, to donate money specifically dedicated towards getting a particular state operational?
That still seems like it is *not* an improvement. Why precisely were these funds “retired”? How about a blog post explaining that?

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