Embed Video in ActBlue Fundraising Pages

Here’s a tip for all the ActBlue page creators out there- did you know you can embed a video clip in your personal fundraising page as part of your pitch to donors?  You can!

We’ve all gotten e-mails from campaigns and committees looking to raise funds for a hard hitting television ad that could change the direction of the election. They often ask you to click a link on some site where you can watch the ad and then ask you to click another link to donate to put the ad on the air.

Now you can include the video right next to the donate links in your ActBlue page. Check out these examples. Remember that powerful body armor ad VoteVets produced? One person put it directly into this fundraising page and circulated it while raising money. The Mississippi Democratic Party is gathering funds for a Gubernatorial attack ad…  you can watch it right where you click to donate.

But don’t think you have to be limited to just television advertisements. The Mark Leno State Senate campaign in California embedded his campaign announcement speech into this fundraising page. Such an effort allows you to communicate with your donors, introducing yourself while making an "ask".

Selectively embedding video in your pages can get your contributors to donate while still feeling the emotional effects of the content they just saw. Plus, this allows you to keep your content and fundraising pitch right next to each other, eliminating the falloff you see when people are forced to take two separate actions at two separate websites.

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