Half a Foot of Checks

It’s a full week after our End of Quarter checks went out but we still had a huge stack to distribute. Below I’ve posted a picture of the 160 checks going out to campaigns across the country that received money in the last week. That’s half a foot of Democratic money!

P.S. Do you like our Smart Woman ruler?



  1. Erin said:

    The complete ruler says “Smart Women Rule with Compassion.” :-)

  2. david egilman said:

    I suggest that you offer bundling of donations by interest group. This means you would set up interest groups based on issues that they support like single payer, out of Iraq, card signing etc. Donations would be channeled through the group to particular campaigns. Donors would designate by issue and candidate. They would elect a slate of representatives who would represent (lobby) their issue to the campaign on a permanent basis & report back to donors. This way the donor could trust & verify that their candidate was doing the right thing.
    This is what the corporations do; this is what we must do.
    You will get more money & be more effective.

  3. David Conrad said:

    No offense, but I think that if she was really smart, it would be metric.

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