Activity Report: September 2nd-8th, 2007

This is our latest installment of our new Weekly ActBlue Activity Reports. The last posted report is here. (Week over week changes in parentheses).

Total Amount Contributed last week: $318,991.07 (+ $29,577)
Total # of Contributions: 5,392 (+ 1,107)
Avg. Contribution size: $59.16 (- $8.39)

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 221 (+ 9)

Here are the Top 5 Recipients on ActBlue last week by number of donors.

Rank Name District Donors
1 Tim Johnson SD-Sen 1632
2 John Edwards President 737
3 Courage Campaign CA PAC 470
4 Keeping America’s Promise Funds PAC 200+
5 Jim Himes CT-04 149

Here are the Top 5 Candidate Recipients on ActBlue last week by total amount raised.

Rank Name District Raised
1 Tim Johnson SD-SEN $77,982.05
2 John Edwards President $50,879.38
3 Tom Harkin IA-SEN $21,740.00
4 Courage Campaign CA PAC $13,180.71
5 Don Wiviott NM-Sen $11,520.00

Here are the Top 5 ActBlue Fundraising Pages last week by number of donors.

Rank Name Donors Raised Average
1 Welcome Back Tim Johnson 1620 $76,272.05 $47.08
2 No More Dirty Tricks 425 $11,884.51 $27.96
3 Blue America ’08 183 $7,617.05 $15.80
4 San Diego County Clubs Convention 81 $1,921.00 $23.71
5 Where My Mouth Is 24 $775.03 $21.52

The most prominent effort last week is clearly the fundraising for Sen. Tim Johnson. For more on the effort, please read last Friday’s post on the subject. In addition, you’ll see the efforts of the Courage Campaign show up in this week’s report. For more on that effort, read this post.

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