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This is our latest installment of our new Weekly ActBlue Activity Reports. The last posted report is here. (Week over week changes in parentheses).

Total Amount Contributed last week: $318,991.07 (+ $29,577)
Total # of Contributions: 5,392 (+ 1,107)
Avg. Contribution size: $59.16 (- $8.39)

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 221 (+ 9)

Here are the Top 5 Recipients on ActBlue last week by number of donors.

Rank Name District Donors
1 Tim Johnson SD-Sen 1632
2 John Edwards President 737
3 Courage Campaign CA PAC 470
4 Keeping America’s Promise Funds PAC 200+
5 Jim Himes CT-04 149

Here are the Top 5 Candidate Recipients on ActBlue last week by total amount raised.

Rank Name District Raised
1 Tim Johnson SD-SEN $77,982.05
2 John Edwards President $50,879.38
3 Tom Harkin IA-SEN $21,740.00
4 Courage Campaign CA PAC $13,180.71
5 Don Wiviott NM-Sen $11,520.00

Here are the Top 5 ActBlue Fundraising Pages last week by number of donors.

Rank Name Donors Raised Average
1 Welcome Back Tim Johnson 1620 $76,272.05 $47.08
2 No More Dirty Tricks 425 $11,884.51 $27.96
3 Blue America ’08 183 $7,617.05 $15.80
4 San Diego County Clubs Convention 81 $1,921.00 $23.71
5 Where My Mouth Is 24 $775.03 $21.52

The most prominent effort last week is clearly the fundraising for Sen. Tim Johnson. For more on the effort, please read last Friday’s post on the subject. In addition, you’ll see the efforts of the Courage Campaign show up in this week’s report. For more on that effort, read this post.

The 2008 elections offer us a chance to elect a governing Democratic majority and crucial to that task is increasing our numbers in the U.S. Senate. While the number of potential targets for Democrats to challenge incumbent Republicans keeps growing, we can work to limit our own losses- preferably to zero for a second cycle in a row. This past week saw a online fundraising campaign launched towards that very effort.


To celebrate Senator Johnson’s return to the U.S. Senate, his Senate colleagues have united to raise funds for him in a virtual fundraiser to aid his re-election efforts. Launched this week as Sen. Johnson returned back to Washington to rejoin Senate business, Senators Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, Amy Klobuchar, Patrick Leahy, Carl Levin, Bill Nelson, Barack Obama, Jon Tester, and Jim Webb have solicited contributions via e-mail from their separate lists through

What’s really cool is that ActBlue is at the heart of this effort which has raised over $70,000 so far.

If you click through to donate, you’ll see that ActBlue is the engine running to make this effort possible. Each Senator was given a single link with their own unique referral code to direct their donors to and as a result they have each been credited with how much they’ve raised for Sen. Johnson. Since various Senators are sending emails through separate systems, they can take advantage of the flexibility, simplicity, and transparency offered by ActBlue handling the technical component. That takes the most troublesome burden off of the shoulders of any one Senate staff and allows them to focus on refining the content of their message rather than the delivery of it or the processing of funds.

The effort is more than just multiple incumbent US Senators coming together to raise funds for a colleague through their own email lists. It’s about a shared community and a shared investment in our success in 2008. It’s about bringing together colleagues in support of one another and bringing together their separate supporters in a common cause that is irrespective of their states. They (and the donors) are invested in making the protection and expansion of the Senate majority a nationalized priority. That benefits all Democrats if we hope to build a governing majority in 2008.

August is over so it’s time for a monthly stats round-up of what’s been happening in Democratic online fundraising over ActBlue.  Let’s dive into some data- (change from prior month in parentheses).

Total Amount Contributed: $1,039,376.72 (+$396,938)
Total # of Contributions:
      14,648 (+5,004)
Average Contribution Size: $70.96 (+$4.35)

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 419 (+ 67)

Here are the Top 10 Recipients by amounts received through ActBlue in August.

Name Amount Office
John Edwards $214,180.51 President
Darcy Burner $105,202.18 WA-08
Niki Tsongas $48,616.00 MA-05
Rick Noriega $39,696.13 TX-Sen
Jamie Eldridge $30,122.35 MA-05
Jeff Merkley $27,581.67 OR-Sen
Jared Polis $25,153.00 CO-02
Russ Warner $21,118.87 CA-26
San Diego Democratic Party $18,119.00 County
Joe Alioto Veronese $16,505.00 CA-SD-03

Here are the Top 10 Recipients by # of donors through ActBlue in August.

Name Donors Office
John Edwards 3,182 President
Darcy Burner 2,950 WA-08
Rick Noriega 539 TX-Sen
Daniel Biss 358 IL-HD-17
Dennis Kucinich 274 President
Jamie Eldridge 270 MA-05
San Diego Democratic Party 251 County
Jeff Merkley 245 OR-Sen
Al Franken 241 MN-Sen
BlogPAC 216 PAC

And here are the Top 5 fundraising pages by number of donors
(excluding pages used by candidates solely to collect contributions directly
from campaign websites).

Fundraising Page Raised Donors Avg.
Burn Bush for Burner $87,682.54 2429 $36.09
Blue America ’08 $24,525.30 372 $20.00
Blue Majority $16,265.42 349 $23.07
Netroots for Rick Noriega for Senate $30,849.16 324 $95.21
Brotherhood 2.0 for Daniel Biss $1,673.00 210 $7.96

It’s been a while since we’ve pointed out a new page of the week here on the ActBlue Blog (more like page of the month, right?) But I wanted to give a quick shout-out to the Courage Campaign’s fundraising efforts. They are fighting back against a Republican sponsored initiative to split California’s electoral votes in the Presidential Election next year- an initiative that would likely move over 20 electoral votes into the Republican column if approved.

Working in conjunction with the California netroots and other online communities, they launched this “20 for 20″ fundraising campaign. I quote the following from their well laid out page.

One way we’re building netroots infrastructure is by using and
supporting ActBlue, the online community tool that empowers anyone —
individuals, local groups, and national organizations — to fundraise
online for progressive candidates and causes. By contributing 20
dollars to save 20 electoral votes, you can “raise the roots” by
building netroots and grassroots infrastructure — both at Courage and
at ActBlue.

If you can contribute $20 to Courage, please consider giving $2 (a 10% tip) to ActBlue as well on the next page.

In addition, the campaign included this YouTube video on their landing page as well as on their official ActBlue fundraising page. (Maybe they read this blog post about embedding video into fundraising pages- California really has been leading the way with embedded video fundraising asks!) They also encourage others to set up their own fundraising pages to expand the community aspect of the fundraising effort. You can see an assortment of these pages from their ActBlue Hub including this excellent one by Calitics blogger Julia Rosen which includes a great picture and a specific ask- $616.19, which was the cost of the Kinko’s bill for printing out petitions delivered to the Governor’s office.

Update: Let me provide this update to the Courage Campaign’s efforts as they are really leveraging the “user flow” from one action to the next.

Today they launched a web-ad on YouTube and made it part of an online petition which is posted here. When people sign onto it with their name and e-mail address two things happen.

  1. First, they are directed to the 20for20 contribution page on the Courage Campaigns site. If someone is willing to sign on to the petition, they may be willing to donate so it makes sense to ask.
  2. Second, an email thanking you for signing the petition is sent- a best practice that I talked about last week. But on top of that, the Courage Campaign is including an ask for contributions in that e-mail. Great!

Thanks for contacting Arnold.  Maybe this time he will stop parodying the Simpsons and finally start leading.

only way we are going to beat back this power grab is with the
progressive community’s hard work, and frankly dollars.  We need the
resources to take this fight to the Arnold and the Republicans and stop
these dirty tricks.

Donate now (
so Courage Campaign can keep working to defeat this dirty trick
initiative.  We have a lot of great ideas up our sleeves, but need the
resources to make them reality.  Can you help us?

Go here ( to donate to Courage Campaign

Thanks again…

Fundraising requires repetition and a willingness to ask. Smart campaigns should take advantage of this flow of action and make use of each step to maximize their effectiveness like the Courage Campaign appears to be doing here.


tempimage_1_1_3Hi! I am Christine Khaikin, the newest member of the ActBlue Team. I want to take this chance to introduce myself and let you know how I can help you now that I am part of ActBlue! I am so excited to be here, working with this great group of people to get Democrats elected. I graduated from Emerson College in May with degrees in political communications and media studies. I care a lot about progressive politics, and a lot about technology in democracy and I am so lucky to be combining those passions while working at ActBlue.

I am here to help people use ActBlue to raise the most money they can for the candidates they care about. I’m going to be working a lot with California, Oregon, Iowa and Texas and hopefully other Western States. If you are from one of those states and you need help with your ActBlue fundraising, or you want to start raising money through ActBlue please e-mail me. I can’t say enough what a pleasure it is to be a part of the ActBlue team and to work for democrats around the country.

If you need help with anything, or you just want to say hi, e-mail me at


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