ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Monday

Comparing the 2005-2006 election cycle to the 2007-2008 election

Total Amount Raised on ActBlue in 2007: $16,872,127.06
Total Amount Raised on ActBlue in 2005: $1,684,797.22

Total Number of Contributors in 2007: 169,287
Total Number of Contributors in 2005: 23,816

Average Contribution in 2007: $119.00
Average Contribution in 2005: $78.28

Top Ten Candidates in 2007

by # of contributors:

Candidate Race Contributors
John Edwards President 53,433
Tim Johnson SD-Sen 5583
Donna Edwards MD-04 5582
Darcy Burner WA-08 4189
Dennis Kucinich President 3126
Rick Noriega TX-Sen 3081
Eric Massa NY-29 2577
Mark Pera IL-03 2290
Charlie Brown CA-04 2067
Joseph Sestak Jr PA-07 2067

By amount raised:

Candidate Race Amount Raised
John Edwards President $4,096,830.41
Mark Warner VA-Sen $579,706.04
Joseph Sestak Jr PA-07 $387,316.13
Rick Noriega TX-Sen $342,554.50
Tim Johnson SD-Sen $323,192.06
Niki Tsongas MA-05 $320,298.28
Bill Richardson President $310,262.50
Jared Polis CO-02 $308,584.03
Steve Novick OR-Sen $277,048.82
Donna Edwards MD-04 $268,569.68

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