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Raw Numbers System-Wide

Total Contributions
2007 Q4 $5,581,770.40
2008 Q1 $7,091,127.39
Lifetime $42,351,009.00

The first quarter of 2008 represents 16.7% of lifetime
contributions made to ActBlue since 2004. This percentage is a 1.5%
increase from last quarter and sets ActBlue on a path to raise $100
million for Democrats by election day. 

Total Donors
2007 Q4 41,628
2008 Q1 54,918
Lifetime 357,341

The first quarter of 2008 represents 15.4% of all ActBlue donors since
2004, and an increase of 3.7% in donors from last quarter. As the
number of donors skyrockets, we want the number of fundraising pages to
soar as well.  You can help us reach our goal of adding 10,000 new
fundraising pages by election day by starting your own fundraising page
and reaching out to your personal network to raise money for Democrats.

Average Contribution
size made to ActBlue
2007 Q4 $134.08
2008 Q1 $129.12
Lifetime $118.42

The average contribution size for the first quarter of 2008 reflects a 4.1%
decrease in the average contribution from last quarter.  This decline
shows that individuals and organizations can create powerful
fundraising networks using small donations, which is what ActBlue is
all about.

The first quarter of the 2008 fundraising period brought exciting news for ActBlue, as we broke two records and watched surging numbers of pages, donors, and dollars. Even though this quarter falls right before tax day and the media has recently been claiming that Democrats are divided, these new records  prove that Democrats are enthusiastically behind Democratic candidates and organizations

FIRST RECORD: Most money raised in a single day
Just when we thought the quarter couldn’t get any better, ActBlue raised $799,827.60 on the last day of the quarter.  This is as much in a single day as ActBlue’s entire first year in operation.

SECOND RECORD: Most money raised in an election cycle
Raising $24 million from 54,918 donors, ActBlue also reached a new record for the amount of money raised in one election cycle. As the total number of ActBlue contributions hit $42,351,009 yesterday, this $24 million represents 57 percent of all contributions made to ActBlue.

Each day this week, we will break down one facet of the quarterly stats report.  By comparing the 2008 first quarter statistics with the previous quarter (Q4 2007) and ActBlue’s lifetime totals, you will see how far we’ve come, and what we need to hit our goals of raising $100 million for Democrats and adding 10,000 new fundraisers by election day. Here is the schedule:

Raw Numbers System-Wide

Top 10 Candidates by donors and dollars

Top 10 Fundraising pages by donors and dollars

Top 10 Pages with Highest Percentage of Tippers

Democratic fundraising is surging across
the board, as indicated by record-breaking EOQ totals at the Democratic
fundraising hub ActBlue. Fundraising on the site reached an
unprecedented $24 million from more than 199,069 donors*,
contributing to an all-time total of more than $42.35 million.

ActBlue broke a second record yesterday, raising more in one day than
ever before ($799,827.60), nearly as much in a single day as in its entire
first year in operation, when the group first raised eyebrows in
traditional Democratic fundraising circles.

ActBlue, the nation’s largest source of funds for Democrats, produces a
set of tools that allow individuals and groups to raise money for the
candidates and causes of their choice, tools that now power the
fundraising operations of hundreds of congressional and senatorial
candidates and dozens of officeholders. In the four years since its
inception, ActBlue users have outpaced MoveOn and EMILY’s List in
raising funds for Democrats, and bested Republican rivals by several
orders of magnitude.

A list of top fundraisers on ActBlue and top recipients of ActBlue funds is below.

Top fundraisers on ActBlue include groups from every part of the
Democratic spectrum, from establishment Democrats and elected officials
to insurgent Democratic candidates to networks of prominent bloggers.

We’ll be highlighting specifics in this week’s Stats Week posts. Stay tuned!

*An earlier version of this post cited 55,000 donors. That’s the number of donors this quarter, not this cycle. Our apologies!


Since our inception in 2004, ActBlue has combined cutting edge technology, financial economies of scale, and progressive ingenuity into a dynamic online tool that provides Democrats with a lasting electoral competitive edge.

We began by modestly offering all Democrats the ability to raise online funds for the federal candidates of their choice.  By giving every Democrat–not just the most well-funded organizations–an opportunity to publicly quantify and track their fundraising work, we removed a significant barrier of entry into political participation and opened up campaign finance to a new pool of Democratic activists.  Four years later, ActBlue has expanded to be the nation’s largest conduit of funds to candidates–helping both federal and state level groups–with robust organizing tools that let fundraisers and campaigns mange events online, send “spread the word” emails, and track fundraising in increasingly sophisticated ways.  We’re proud of this growth, but we wouldn’t be staying true to our core mission if we didn’t keep building on it to find better technology, better systems, and–ultimately–better deals for Democrats.  That’s why we have an announcement.

To help your Democratic dollar go as far as it possibly can, we’re converting all monetary units on ActBlue to the euro.


Why Euro?  Why Now?

The euro is a currency in ascendancy.  Since its introduction in 1999, the euro has steadily been growing in world prominence and viability. As our current administration leads the US to economic instability and the dollar continues to plummet in worth, the euro surpasses all other world currencies in circulation and strength.

Noting this trend, we turned a discerning eye on monetary units and realized that by converting your dollars into euros, we could help Democrats reap the biggest benefit  out of each donated amount.

Of course, there are lots of complicated technical and legal permutations going on in the background.  We’re excited to share our findings with you and will be talking more about the details in future weeks.  For today, note the converted monetary amounts on and be assured that we’re doing all we can to make all your hard fundraising work count at the highest level.  If you have questions or thoughts, let us know at and we’ll start the discussion!


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