Jon Powers: “ActBlue Has Been Critical to our Campaign”

We’re back with another video from Netroots Nation, where we assembled care packages for the troops with Jon Powers, who is running for Congress in New York’s 26th District.

Powers is an Army Captain and a decorated Iraqi War veteran, a schoolteacher, and a nonprofit leader. After serving in Baghdad and Najaf, Powers returned to New York planning to become a social studies teacher in the Clarence, NY public schools. But he felt compelled to return to Iraq to address some of the problems facing Iraqi children in the wake of the war. Powers founded War Kids Relief, a nonprofit youth services group in Baghdad that was recognized by NBC Nightly News.

Hailed by his fellow troops as a "very passionate" and an "exceptional leader," Powers has been endorsed by General Wesley Clark and Senator John Kerry, among other national leaders, and by local and national unions. Powers will face New York attorney Alice Kryzan and manufacturer Jack Davis in a September 9th primary. Powers has raised more than $341,000 on ActBlue.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Jon Powers:

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Sam Bennett: “ActBlue Has Been an Incredible Partner”

what a crew! For the fifth week in a row, as promised, we’re bringing
you a portrait of a candidate who’s doing great things on ActBlue.

We’ve been out West for a while, so we thought it was about time to head back to the other coast, this time to Pennsylvania.

Siobhan "Sam" Bennett
is challenging Bush Republican Charlie Dent for a congressional seat in
Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District. The Allentown native has
spend more than 30 years working in her community, and her
congressional bid has been named one of the DCCC’s top 20 emerging

When high schoolers in Bennett‘s neighborhood were graduating without the skills they needed to find jobs, Bennett
founded a construction company to teach them valuable trade skills and
a work ethic. When Allentown’s older homes were crumbling, Bennett
set up a non-profit to reward homeowners who repaired historic
properties. When developmentally disabled adults in the region needed
support, Bennett ran a cookie business and gave them jobs. And when her community’s arts fair was on the brink, Bennett used the skills she had honed as a corporate executive and brought the fair back to life.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Sam Bennett:

(*ActBlue does not take sides in a contested primary, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.)

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Two More ActBlue Democrats to Run in November

picture_1 Washington state’s
first top-two primary election was held yesterday, August 19, and
ActBlue superstar Darcy Burner has offered further proof of her
campaign’s building momentum in the weeks leading to the November
general elections.

Burner came within three points of Republican incumbent Dave
Reichert in yesterday’s primary, and left Reichert with fewer votes
than were cast for the three Democratic candidates. Burner and Reichert
will advance to the November round. (Washington State is one of few
jurisdictions to offer what’s called a ‘top-two primary,’ wherein the
two candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the general,
regardless of party affiliation.)

Burner has been one of ActBlue’s most successful candidates,
raising more than $420,000 this cycle from a whopping 11,300 donors. For more about Burner and the
race, see our video blog post from last week. 


In Wyoming, Gary Trauner is officially the Democratic
nominee for
Congress. Trauner, a former elected official, has served as chair of
his school board and on the Jackson Hole Land Trust. An accomplished
entrepreneur, Trauner co-founded Cell Response Formulation and and served as Vice President of Teton Trust Company. Trauner, who has been using ActBlue since 2006, has raised more than $215,000 on ActBlue this cycle. He
will stand against former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis in November.

Congratulations to Darcy Burner, Gary Trauner, and their campaigns. And congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work!

*ActBlue does not take sides in contested primaries, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.

Jeff Merkley: “Go to ActBlue Right Now and Set Up a Page.”

Once more from the mist.

In the fourth part of an occasional series, we’re in Oregon, where Democrat Jeff Merkley is challenging Republican Gordon Smith for the United States Senate.

Merkley led a band of progressives to take control of the Oregon House eighteen months ago, and has used his tenure as Speaker to fight for health care, family-wage jobs, and environmental legislation, and against payday loan scandals. Merkley is the first Oregon Democrat to serve as Speaker in 16 years. Before entering politics, he ran Habitat for Humanity in Oregon and served as a national security analyst at the Pentagon and in Congress.

And beyond all of that, he understands the power of community fundraisers like you, and the power of ActBlue. And he’s got a favor to ask of you.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Jeff Merkley:

(*ActBlue does not take sides in a contested primary, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.)

You heard the man.

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Darcy Burner: “ActBlue’s tools have made it possible for ordinary people to have an enormous impact on politics in races like mine.”

We’re back again with another voice from the field.

In the third part of an occasional series, we’re traveling to Washington State, where the formidable Darcy Burner is running for Congress. We had a chance to talk with Burner for a bit at Netroots Nation about the race, an unexpectedly eventful summer, and the power of small donations.

Author of the much-noted "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq," Darcy Burner is challenging Republican Dave Reichert for the Congressional seat representing Washington’s Eighth District. A Harvard graduate, Burner worked for software companies in Boston and San Francisco before settling in Washington State, where she worked on Microsoft’s .NET project. She grew up in a military family in rural towns across the United States.

Darcy Burner made headlines earlier this summer when her family’s home was consumed by fire. A powerful photograph portraying the candidate in an "end the war" shirt written in computer code (</war>) sparked bloggers nationwide to rally behind Burner. In a matter of weeks, they raised more than $150,000 from hundreds of contributors on ActBlue, enough to give Burner "the breathing room she needs to tend to her own affairs without worrying about neglecting her campaign."

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Darcy Burner.

(*ActBlue does not take sides in a contested primary, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.)

Small contributions have fueled Burner’s ActBlue success, averaging less than $38, but totaling more than $400,000. And that’s what we’re all about here: putting power in your hands, and changing the way candidates win.

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ActBlue Democrats Win Colorado, Nevada, and Connecticut Primaries

Primaryhimes season is in full swing, and after this week’s results, ActBlue
Democrats will be on ballots in three more states come November.

Jim Himes won the Connecticut primary on Tuesday, and will
challenge the last remaining Republican in the House from New England,
Rep. Christopher Shays. Himes, vice president of an affordable housing
association and a former investment banker, won 87% of the vote with
100% of precincts reporting.



In Nevada, former state party chair and university regent Jill
and Dina Titus, a well-known college professor, became thedinatitus party’s official nominees. Derby will oppose Rep. Dean Heller for thesecond time in November, and Titus will challenge Rep. Jon Porter in
one of the country’s hottest races. Democrat Shelley Berkley retained
the nomination for a congressional seat representing urban Las Vegas.


And in Colorado, Democrat Jared Polis
won the nomination to replace
Democratic Representative Mark Udall, who is running to fill the seat
vacated by Republican Senator Wayne Allard.

Congratulations to all.

*ActBlue does not take sides in contested primaries, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.

ActBlue Introduces Best-In-Class User Security

We’ve always
prioritized our users’ security, and so when the opportunity came along
to upgrade to a higher security standard, we took it.

As of today,
will be guarded by an Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EVSSL)
Certificate. If you use the latest versions of Firefox or Internet
Explorer to make a donation or to store personal information on
ActBlue, you may notice a new visual security display (a green box in
your address bar, i.e.). If not, don’t worry; you’ll still benefit from
the upgrade.


We’ve been committed to protecting our donors from the beginning– note the little yellow lock in our logo– and the EV SSL is one more way of reassuring Democrats that they are protected at ActBlue.

Extended Validation SSL
certificates were created as an international standard in response to
consumer fears about internet fraud. To obtain a certificate, ActBlue
had to complete a certificate validation process, which includes
ownership verification and confirmation of organizational identity.

When you use an EV SSL-aware browser,
you’ll always know when you’re looking at an authentic ActBlue
contribution page. It’s one more way we’re helping to protect you
against transaction fraud and identity theft.

Why do this, if other political organizations aren’t? Because we’re
in this for the long haul; because we prize user trust above all else;
and because we are committed, now as ever, to both political and
technological innovation.

ActBlue users can now feel even more secure about donating to
Democrats online. We’re proud of this advancement, and we hope you are,

Jim Himes: “ActBlue is a key reason why this race lifted off.”

We’re back this week, as promised, with more from Netroots Nation, where as we told you last time, we ran into a most impressive crop of Democratic challengers and incumbents.

In the second part of an occasional series, we’ll use this space to tell you a bit about one of ActBlue’s Northern superstars, Connecticut Congressional candidate Jim Himes. The Connecticut Fourth is New England’s only remaining Republican-held district, represented since 1987 by Christopher Shays. In a nod to Himes’ viability as a challenger, Congressional Quarterly  upgraded the race two weeks ago from "Leans Republican" to "No Clear Favorite," reflecting Himes’ success as a fundraiser and organizer.

A Harvard graduate and a Rhodes scholar, Himes worked for twelve years at Goldman Sachs & Co., including in Latin America, where he spent part of his childhood. Himes left  finance to lead a major non-profit devoted to finding solutions to the problems of urban poverty. As a leader at Enterprise Community Partners, Himes worked to finance thousands of affordable housing units in the Northeastern corridor and developed programs to help low-income families with taxes and finances.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Jim Himes.

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