2011: February Statistics

The story of February (and, it seems likely, March) was Wisconsin. In many ways, Wisconsin is a perfect example of what ActBlue can do. When the story first broke, there was little hint that the conflict between Gov. Walker and Democrats in the state senate would escalate as it did. As the story unfolded, day by day, ActBlue provided a crucial channel for Democrats across the country to support their counterparts in Wisconsin. That story is best told through our February numbers:

Number of contributions 34,500
Total raised $2,228,226.55
Average Contribution size $64.59
Committees receiving money 562
Fundraising pages receiving money 538
Pages created 313


Our infrastructure is benchmarked for national political events, and provided to every committee listed on ActBlue. Wisconsin was a particularly concise demonstration of why that way of doing business matters. We put national tools in the hands of a state party as it nucleated what may become one of the defining political struggles of this cycle.

Feb 2007 Feb 2009 Feb 2011 Change
Contributions 4,955 6,613 34,500 422%
Volume ($) $553,238.44 $1,296,968.44 $2,228,226.55 72%
Mean Donation $111.65 $196.12 $64.59 -67%
Committees 107 364 562 54%
Pages Created 103 327 313 -4%
Pages w/ Money 101 326 538 65%

And here are the five top committees, by number of donors, for February 2011.

Name Race Donors Dollars
Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee Organization 20,430 $475,502
PCCC Organization 6,368 $83,118
Democracy for America Organization 3,478 $42,227
Daily Kos Organization 2,350 $19,580
Nancy Pelosi CA-08 2,154 $22,588
  1. cathy said:

    if you think the unions or the federal government care about you, you are mistaken.

  2. Tim said:

    At least the unions will help you as much as they can, while the government and rich corporations will take away from you as much as they can. They act like the working class is getting money that should be theirs, so if they keep the working class down, there will be a greater divide in the rich & poor.

  3. luke said:

    unions care and fight
    there are something important to us that we need to do collectively and demand, proper pay, weekends, job security etc.
    unions fight for all, corporations fight for the few.

  4. bill said:

    yeah keep drinking the cool aid when was the last time your fat cat union leaders took you out to dinner? Didn’t think so. Don’t rely on anyone but yourself.

  5. bill said:

    unions where good after the depression when men knew what it was like not to have a job now union workers feel that because they showed up to work the day is over and they should be paid. we live in a lazy society. how much more do you union people want me to pay. i know union workers if there wasn’t a union they would starve to death because they are lazy not because of the company. if i owned a company i want people that work and are smart not dead wood

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