2011: March Statistics

As I mentioned last month, Wisconsin is the story of 2011 so far. In late February, Republican Gov. Scott Walker attempted to undermine a core Democratic constituency by revoking the right of public workers to bargain collectively, ostensibly for budgetary reasons. When Democratic state senators fled the state to deny him the legislative quorum required to pass a budgetary measure, Wisconsin Republicans declared that it didn’t impact the budget and passed the law without warning in a five minute session. Recently, a Wisconsin judge blocked the law’s implementation. Talking Points Memo has a useful timeline of events.

The immediate result of Gov. Walker’s overreach was a huge surge in Democratic fundraising and the initiation of recall proceedings against vulnerable Wisconsin Republicans. As Greg Sargent noted, the first completed recall petition tied the record for the fastest recall petition in Wisconsin history. The momentum on the ground is more than matched by the fundraising numbers. In March alone, ActBlue processed $3.7 million worth of donations to Wisconsin Democrats and allied groups. Add in the numbers from February and the total climbs north of $4 million. That’s a lot of cheddar, and its impact is reflected in our March fundraising numbers:

Number of contributions 143,034
Total raised 5,854,848.89
Average Contribution size $40.93
Committees receiving money 673
Fundraising pages receiving money 731
Pages created 490


As you’ll see below, the donations in Wisconsin were primarily by grassroots donors, who drove huge growth in the number of contributions and lowered our average donation size.

Mar 2007 Mar 2009 Mar 2011 Change
Contributions 21,912 11,438 143,034 1150%
Volume ($) $1,998,288.74 $2,765,316.89 $5,854,848.89 113%
Mean Donation $91.20 $241.77 $40.93 -83%
Committees 189 440 673 53%
Pages Created 158 452 490 8%
Pages w/ Money 164 412 731 77%

And here are the five top committees, by number of donors, for March 2011.

Name Race Donors Dollars
PCCC Organization 54,371 $576,408
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Organization 43,598 $1,099,121
Democracy for America Organization 41,323 $462,030
PCCC Recall Committee (Wisconsin) Organization 25,483 $267,944
MoveOn.org Political Action Organization 24,191 $364,237


The fact that March fundraising was driven primarily by organizations is a reflection of how big the stakes are in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker’s attack on collective bargaining isn’t just about undermining a core Democratic constituency (though it’s about that too); it’s about redistributing wealth (and thus political power) upward, away from workers and public servants and thereby diminishing their voice in the political process. Organizing and funding resistance to that overriding Republican goal is too big a job for any one candidate, so state and national organizations stepped in to help shoulder the load.

At ActBlue, our mission is to give grassroots donors a powerful voice in our democracy, so we were happy to put our tools at their disposal. We’re about democratizing power, and this is how we do it.

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when was the last time you walked into a post office and said i want to start a company that runs like this. or deal with the irs or with medicad or Amtrack or the MTA or anything else the govement has its hands in. Stop crying and get to work. I be half of you are fat over wieght zeros and now i should have to pay for you. Go to work the guy who cuts my grass can’t speak english but he has a job. go by a lawnmower and get busy.



once the country becomes a socialist shit hole all you liberals won’t have as many rights as you have now. Strikes are illegal in a Marxist society. You fat bodies should have stayed in school.

Harriett Heisey


The above three pointless comments are typical of right wing know nothings. The above comments repeat the same theme; name calling and right wing talking points. The right wing has made tremendous strides in destroying the economy and our institutions, but their followers are brainwashed to attack the Democrats even though they cannot comprehend what has transpired and has gained momentum is exactly what the right wing want. The above writers and their ilk have been used to support the destructive agenda of the oligarchs and there’s nothing in that agenda that will ever work to the benefit of the common good. These people have no ability to analyze or comprehend how ridiculous their political babble is in the face of what is the reality we are living. They are only capable of name calling anyone who dares to disagree.
Get a job? I was fortunate to have one for 50+ years and now I’m 79 and being told I’m a lazy good-for-nothing who should get a lawnmower. If stupidity was a commodity, you three would be rich–which I doubt you are!


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