1. Mark Cronin said:

    After making a donation to PCCC for Lonergan Grimes, I went to her website. I was dismayed to discover that she is no progressive. She is campaigning as an anti-environmentalist, pro-coal mining, balanced budget conservative who is slightly more reasonable than Mitch McConnell, only because she says she is opposed to gridlock as a national policy. While getting rid of McConnell is important, Grimes shares his views on the economy and environment. How is supporting her an effective use of money to improve our policies?

  2. Winnie Smith said:

    I get numerous requests for donations daily They all say they have saved my payment info but when I respond and tell them my payment info on file is no longer valid, I never get a reply. How do I get that info changed? I dont want to contribute to everyone that asks but I would respond to our President and the Democratic National Committee

  3. Polly Haag said:

    I feel just as strongly that whatever money I decide to contribute go to the specific candidate I support and not get disseminated amongst a long list of groups/individuals about whom I know nothing or very little ergo my donation is merely $10 until I learn how
    ActBlue works. However, thanks for the opportunity !

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