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Hopefully, those of you who made it to NN12 are rested and recovered a week later. If you managed to swing by the ActBlue booth and pick up a sticker or bottle opener, so much the better. 

It's an important conference for ActBlue, because it allows us to connect with the people who make this engine run. This year, the conference was dominated by talk about Citizens United and all the undisclosed cash that decision has allowed into our political system. With that discussion in mind, it was nice to see all the regular folks who thanked us for doing what we do. 

We should be thanking you. We built ActBlue, but you make it hum. Without the voices and donations of ordinary Americans flowing through ActBlue, there'd be no counterweight to the undisclosed corporate cash flooding our elections–and make no mistake, that would be just fine with them.

So thanks for your support, your generosity, and your passion. For those who couldn't make it, we hope to see you next year. 

The following is from MA-05 Democratic nominee and ActBlue user Niki Tsongas. Her election is tomorrow, October 16th.

I’m excited and grateful
for this unique opportunity to talk directly with ActBlue’s community
about why I used ActBlue’s online tools in my campaign and how online
activism is making the difference in our country and in my high stakes
Special Election for Congress in the Massachusetts Fifth.

Our campaign joined up with
ActBlue on day one, not just because it is a great solution, but because
the concept of community is changing so rapidly.  People are organizing
in so many new and powerful ways. Community is no longer simply those
who we live near, work with, or interact with face to face, but now
is also those we share beliefs with half way across the country or all
the way around the world. 

ActBlue has empowered Democrats
and the progressive community to not only connect, but to take action.   
The impact has already been profound—on my race and others—and yet
I expect we have only seen the beginning of how much we can change the
direction of our nation.  And it is this type of change that is
at stake in my congressional race.  Specifically, change in Iraq.

George Bush and my Republican
opponent, Jim Ogonowski, both believe the Iraq war is heading in the
right direction. If they get their way, we’ll continue to face an open-ended,
indefinite, ongoing commitment of our troops.  I, like so many
of you, fundamentally disagree with this approach. 

We need a new direction in
Iraq, and I believe the best way to bring our servicemen and women home
quickly, safely, and responsibly is to set a timetable, forcing the
Iraqi government to take responsibility for their future.

Like so many Republicans
that keep our troops in danger, my Republican opponent is blurring the
language around the war and failing to pressure the president. 
This is  a deliberate strategy—one pointed out by Chris Bowers
over on OpenLeft and
Charley on the Massachusetts blog Blue Mass Group.

Republican Jim Ogonowski
may have learned this when he attended the National Republican Congressional
Committee’s training session in May where Karl Rove was prominently

But I’m clear on my views
and not fooled by double speak, and my supporters and I are using the
advances in technology to create a visible community of people committed
to bringing the troops home.

Now I know many of you are
thinking that this race is an easy win for Democrats.  But let
me be clear, it is not.  The Fifth is and has been Massachusetts’
most independent district.  It has gone Republican in numerous
statewide elections, including for Mitt Romney in 2002. 

My race is the only special
election for Congress happening this month.  As such, it represents
a unique opportunity for all of us to come together and send a clear
message: we need to elect more Democrats and we want a timetable for
withdrawal for our troops and an end to this war.

I’ve encouraged all my supporters
to join me in setting up an ActBlue page to support my candidacy and
to call for an end the war.  Please join us.

ActBlue has been a powerful
tool for my race, and I expect it to be a powerful tool for the upcoming
2008 Elections as well.  Let’s send a message about our priorities
in this country.

Thank you for your consideration
and time.

Thank you to ActBlue.

Thank you or all you have
done and continue to do.

Warmest Regards,                  
Niki Tsongas                  
Democratic Nominee for Congress


Like many folks in the Democratic blogosphere, we’re looking forward to the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago this week. In fact, the entire ActBlue staff will be headed to YearlyKos where we will be hosting a workshop (details below). Come out and say hello- we’ll also have a booth near the registration area.

ActBlue: Maximizing Your Impact

Type: Workshop
Location: 10d
Session Date: Friday, Aug 3 2007 – 9:15am – 10:15am

to make a difference in Democratic campaigns all over the country? Wish
elected officials paid attention to your views and addressed your
issues? Curious how bloggers and activists across the country are using
online fundraising to change the political playing field? Join ActBlue
staff to learn how to effectively translate your voice into the medium
politicians and media understand: money. Hear the tips and tricks of
the pros, master the most successful fundraising pitches, and see the
newest tools to support your candidates, campaigns, parties, and pacs.
Let ActBlue help you make the most of your voice and contacts this
election cycle.



This weekend ActBlue’s political director Erin Hill and associate Karl-Thomas Musselman will be traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire to attend the 4th annual DemocracyFest. First held in 2004, DemFest has drawn thousands of Democrats and progressives that grew out of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and now participate in the various state and local chapters of Democracy for America.

The ActBlue duo will be presenting on the the topic of Online Fundraising Tools and Tactics on Saturday night from 4:30 – 6:00 pm as part of the condensed Training Academy track being led by Democracy for America. If you are there, be sure to come by and say hello!




In addition to being in Virginia this weekend, ActBlue will be present in New York City for the 2007 Personal Democracy Forum sponsored by Google.

ActBlue president Benjamin Rahn will be speaking as a panelist for this Friday’s session entitled Political Money Online: Getting It and Spending It More Effectively.  Joining him for the session will be Henry Copeland of BlogAds, Kim Malone of Google AdSense, Pete Leyden of the New Politics Institute, and Becki Donatelli of Campaign Solutions. For those planning on attending the conference, be sure to add this session to your schedule.

340m18302This upcoming weekend, ActBlue will be traveling to Fairfax, Virginia!  Why, you might ask? We’ve been invited to join Democracy for America’s Training Academy once again in giving our presentation about online fundraising. Our political director Erin Hill will be sharing tips, strategies, and of course the basics of integrating it into all parts of a typical campaign. We’re excited to be on the road again after having a great time down in Austin, Texas last month.

More details about the even can be found here, and if you are in the area and interested in attending, you can sign up through that link as well. We’re looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and likely one or two of the many Virginia campaigns that are already using ActBlue.


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