Biggest quarter ever

Wow, this has been some beginning to 2016. We launched ActBlue Charities, passed the $1 BILLION mark, and had back-to-back biggest months ever.

At the end of last year, we were over the moon about handling 150k contributions in a single day on December 31, 2015. Well, we handled twice that on February 29, 2016 and surpassed 200k contributions two more times this quarter.

Check out this chart showing what our three biggest donor days looked like hour-by-hour (with the total contributions processed on those days in parentheses): March 30, 2016 (215,954), March 31, 2016 (275,763), and February 29, 2016 (299,174):



There are many things that go into massive days like this (and not just a lot of email).

For one, we typically run recurring contributions in a series of batches starting at 4AM. That pattern is evident on the two days in March, but our tech team actually scheduled out February 29th a bit differently because all recurring contributions originally made on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of any given month needed to be run in a single day. We processed over 80k recurring contributions that morning (new record, by far) by starting earlier and capping the contributions per hour, and we were ready to handle the end-of-month rush well before 9AM. Gotta love when a good plan comes together…

It’s abnormal to run three days of recurring contributions at once, and it’s the reason why February 29th goes down as our biggest day in terms of contributions, but the end-of-quarter deadline day is our biggest by dollar. The average for a one-time donation this cycle is $38.65 compared to an average of $21.03 for recurring contributions, since recurring contributions tend to have a smaller average than one-time gifts. But the really amazing number is the average value (so far!) of a single recurring sign-up this cycle: $72.88.

We saw March 31st bring in a ton of traffic at the end of the day, with two hours of more than 20k (!!) contributions after 9 PM. Volume stayed unbelievably high until the steep drop off at midnight. And yes, people really do respect it as a deadline and stop giving when the clock strikes twelve on the East Coast.

Topline Numbers

Q1 2013 Q1 2014 Q1 2015 Q1 2016
Contributions 467,163 897,884 782,820 5,571,391
Total Amount $16,904,456 $36,955,661 $26,905,248 $165,170,022
Avg. Contribution Size $36.19 $41.16 $34.37 $29.65
Unique Campaigns, Committees,
and Organizations
1,243 2,478 1,728 2,989


Almost 3,000 different campaigns, organizations, and committees raised a total of $165M this quarter, with the average contribution size under $30. For context, it took us more than four years to pass that dollar total and more than nine years to pass the 5.5M contribution mark — both of which we just accomplished in three months. Yeah, that’s nuts.

More and more people are supporting the non-profits, campaigns, and causes of their choice via the ActBlue family of organizations. Of the 1.8 million people who gave a contribution this quarter, 65% had made a donation on our site before.


Those repeat donors are the lifeblood of so many campaigns and organizations. And that’s why our system is designed to reduce friction, making it painless to give again. ActBlue Express is at the heart of it, allowing donors to give with a single click, again and again. Of these repeat donors, almost 9 in 10 have saved their credit card information with ActBlue. Plus, nearly 3 out of every 4 donors who made a contribution for the first time in Q1 2016 signed up for Express accounts.

More people have created an ActBlue Express account already this cycle than in every other cycle combined.



And looking at just this past quarter, over 750k people signed up for an Express account — that’s more than twice the number who signed up in our previous biggest quarter (Q4 2015 had 302k new sign-ups). Altogether, we’re up to an incredible 2.9M Express users.

Almost three-quarters of all contributions on ActBlue at this point are made by Express users. That added up to over $110M from Express users last quarter.

Saved payment information is no longer the future; it’s the new normal here at ActBlue.

The chart below shows both the overall growth in the number of contributions, as well as how the number of Express contributions as compared to those made by non-Express users is increasing. For much of last cycle, there was not much difference between these types of users, but the ratio has become closer to 3:1 recently.



There are a lot of reasons why we’re seeing this big spike in Express donations. We’ve run a number of optimization tests with the goal of boosting Express sign-ups and the use of donors’ saved payment information. There haven’t been any breakout tests, but the slow and steady tweaks have added up over time.

At the same time there is a broader movement coming from the e-commerce industry to promote saved credit card information, with Visa checkout being the most visible example. More Americans are comfortable saving their financial information online, and we work hard to earn and keep their trust. ActBlue is Level 1 PCI compliant — the gold standard for security — and we undergo a rigorous audit every year to maintain it.

The larger trend toward mobile is having an impact as well, as Express users continue to outperform non-Express users on non-desktop devices. And features like Express Pass continue to help boost conversions.


Making it possible for people to give with a single click means higher conversion rates. More and more people are making donations on mobile devices. It’s part of a wider traffic trend away from desktop and toward mobile. This quarter alone, over 41% of contributions were made on a mobile device. That’s double the mobile giving rate we saw at the same point last cycle (Q1 2014 had a mobile rate of just 20.5%).



And the mobile contribution rate jumps to 44% when looking just at Express users, who — as we’ve alluded to already — are our power users. We’re expecting to cross that 50% threshold very soon!


Recurring contributions continue to be a great source of fundraising for campaigns, organizations, and nonprofits. This past quarter we processed $26.2M in recurring volume from over 1.4M contributions — both of which are new quarterly records. For context, we raised $26.9M TOTAL during Q1 2015. The chart below details the growth in the overall number of recurring contributions, broken down by whether or not the recurring contribution is new or subsequent.



How big was this quarter? Well, the number of new recurring sign-ups in the past quarter (347k) was more than all of the total recurring contributions made in Q1 2014 (new + subsequent).

One of the best parts of a recurring program is that it provides a steady stream of income for campaigns and organizations that allows them to plan out their fundraising goals from month to month with ease. If you’re not running a recurring program and you’re interested in starting one, drop us a line at and we’re more than happy to help strategize.

It was a helluva start to 2016. We’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings. In the meantime, our tech team is hard at work on a number of infrastructure upgrades, optimization tests, and some cool new features (as always). So stay tuned. And may the email odds be ever in your favor.

Mar. ’16 Recap

We’ll forgive you if you forgot that we hit our biggest milestone yet ($1 BILLION!!) in March — we almost did. Especially since we’ve raised over $68M since then, bringing our total for the month to a whopping $72M. That makes March 2016 the biggest month in our history. And we went out with a bang as we processed $8.5M on the 31st — a new record for our biggest volume day ever.

Almost 2,500 campaigns, organizations, and committees raised money using ActBlue last month. The average contribution? Just $30. And nearly half of the contributions made this month came from a mobile device. That’s double the mobile percentage we saw at the same point in the last election cycle.

Topline Numbers

MAR. ’13 MAR. ’14 MAR. ’15 MAR. ’16
Contributions 204,630 412,325 327,220 2,418,488
Total Amount $7,635,519 $18,499,273 $13,289,206 $72,650,464
Avg. Contribution Size $37.31 $44.87 $40.61 $30.04
Unique Campaigns, Committees,
and Organizations
951 1,960 1,335 2,458

Customer Service

In March 2016 our customer service team handled an average of 1,076 email conversations a day.

FEB. ’16
Total Incoming Calls 36,552
Email Conversations 33,348


MAR. ’13 MAR. ’14 MAR. ’15 MAR. ’16
% Mobile 10.0% 21.6% 24.8% 44.0%
% Mobile for
Express Users
13.8% 24.2% 26.8% 46.9%


MAR. ’13 MAR. ’14 MAR. ’15 MAR. ’16
New Express Users 25,720 38,616 21,712 305,453
% of Total Volume
via Express Users
46.9% 48.1% 53.5% 67.6%
% of Contributions
via Express Users
54.2% 54.4% 60.7% 73.5%


MAR. ’13 MAR. ’14 MAR. ’15 MAR. ’16
Total Recurring Volume $395,604 $955,028 $2,689,551 $9,829,134
% of Total Volume 5.2% 5.2% 20.2% 13.5%

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch at

More funds, no extra heavy lifting

We’re rolling out a brand new remarketing feature to help you follow up with donors who started to contribute but didn’t finish. Now you can send your donors a quick, friendly email to remind them why they wanted to give and ask them to complete their contribution.

If you’ve ever placed something in your cart while shopping online, clicked away, and received an email politely nudging you to finish up your purchase, you’ve gotten a remarketing email.

Here’s how it works: Once you’ve turned on the feature and customized your email with your own text and branding, donors who abandon your form before completing it will automatically receive an email thirty minutes following their incomplete donation.

This is what ours looks like:



What counts as an incomplete donation? A donor selects a contribution amount and fills in their email address, but leaves the page before going on to fill in their credit card info. In that case, we’ll make sure they get a reminder with a link to your form asking them to complete their contribution.

This is available to campaigns, committees, and organizations across the board, but you must enable it on a form-by-form basis, as the feature is turned off by default.

If you’d like to enable the feature just head over to the Edit tab of your contribution form. Scroll down and toggle the “Remarketing Options” drop-down menu.

Check off the “Enable Remarketing” box.

Next you’ll need to write up some custom text. We have an automated response (which you can see in the sample above) set up to accompany the link your donors will receive, but we highly recommend filling it out with text specific to your cause or campaign.

You should view this as your chance to make the case to donors for why it’s so important that they finish the form and complete their donation. See below for an example of how to customize your text to get that message across to donors.




If you have branded receipts enabled, that branding will be included on this email. The example email in this post include’s ActBlue’s branding. An unbranded email won’t include any logo.

If your campaign or organization is using default forms and you would like to enable remarketing for all of those contribution forms, simply follow the steps listed above for your default form (found at the top of your list of forms within your Dashboard’s Form Management tab).

In the short time since this feature was released, we’ve already seen it increase conversion rates and bring in more dollars for campaigns and organizations using it. It’s a great way to generate more funds from your asks without any extra heavy lifting.

As always, if you’ve got any questions or comments about this new feature just drop us a line at

Feb. ’16 Recap

There was a lot to celebrate in February 2016. Not only did we have our biggest month ever (in terms of both contributions and total dollar amount), but we also launched ActBlue Charities. Plus, nearly 300k people signed up for Express accounts by saving their credit card information. Yes, that’s a new record!

Topline Numbers

FEB. ’13 FEB. ’14 FEB. ’15 FEB. ’16
Contributions 163,039 262,166 228,655 1,929,078
Total Amount $5,822,235 $10,480,397 $7,382,455 $58,829,696
Avg. Contribution Size $35.71 $39.98 $32.29 $30.50
Unique Campaigns, Committees,
and Organizations
801 1,684 1,149 2,155


Customer Service

In February 2016 our customer service team handled an average of 1,026 email conversations a day.

FEB. ’16
Total Incoming Calls 36,596
Email Conversations 29,742


FEB. ’13 FEB. ’14 FEB. ’15 FEB. ’16
% Mobile 7.8% 19.3% 23.8% 39.9%
% Mobile for
Express Users
10.4% 22.9% 25.8% 42.4%



FEB. ’13 FEB. ’14 FEB. ’15 FEB. ’16
New Express Users 23,464 21,633 12,939 286,273
% of Total Volume
via Express Users
45.4% 44.9% 57.3% 67.1%
% of Contributions
via Express Users
54.0% 54.5% 63.2% 70.9%



FEB. ’13 FEB. ’14 FEB. ’15 FEB. ’16
Total Recurring Volume $343,251 $829,068 $2,354,716 $8,866,155
% of Total Volume 5.9% 7.9% 31.9% 15.1%


If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out at

One. Billion. Dollars.

Get the confetti cannons out — we’ve officially crossed over A BILLION DOLLARS. That’s one billion dollars raised for Democrats, progressives, and nonprofits leading the fight for change.

one billion

This is by far our biggest milestone yet, but this isn’t just a celebration for us, this is a celebration (and a win) for small-dollar donors everywhere. They prove day in and day out that there is unbelievable strength in the grassroots movement.

This celebration is about saying thank you to the 14,308 campaigns, committees, and organizations who have used ActBlue’s platform, and the 24,200,973 individual contributions from millions of donors across the country who got us here. There are an amazing 4,032,813 donors that have used our platform to make their voices heard in the last 12 years, and they’ve showed people everywhere how powerful grassroots donors can be.

Small-dollar donors, campaigns, committees, and nonprofits have helped us build an amazing movement over the last 12 years, so we wanted to build something that allows you all to look back on the big moments that we created together, and that got us to this huge milestone.

The best part? This is just the beginning.

Check out to read about the #roadto1B, and join us in this celebration!

ActBlue Charities is HERE

*drumroll please* We’re excited to announce that charitable organizations can now fundraise using the same great platform that ActBlue has built over the last 11 years!

Organizations with a 501(c)3 designation are now able to get set up with our tools in just minutes. Contributions will be run through ActBlue Charities, the newest arm of the ActBlue family, but everything else stays the same. Charities both big and small, national and local, will be able to take advantage of our entire set of industry-leading fundraising tools, including the existing (and growing) 2.4M-strong Express user universe — that’s people who have saved their donor and credit card information and can give in an instant. By bringing our innovative tools to a whole new set of organizations, we’re hoping to add to revenue models for charitable organizations by working with them to build a new stream of small-dollar donors.

If you’re interested, you can start the setup process here.

So, why did we spend years (yes, years) working to make it possible for charities to use our fundraising tools?

ActBlue’s mission has always been to help connect grassroots donors with the causes and campaigns that they support, so they can effect change in the world. Through technology, we help break down barriers, and make it easier for Americans to chip in what they can afford to fuel change in this country. Just think of what can be accomplished if we can help thousands of charitable organizations build their grassroots fundraising base, much like we’ve done with political giving.

We’ve seen firsthand how powerful grassroots, people-powered movements can be, and we want to help charities create those kinds of movements and bring in more donations, so they can expand their capacity to do good works. And as a nonprofit, ActBlue is committed to offering those tools for free, so organizations at every level have access to the best technology possible.

There are certainly already a lot of platforms charities can use to fundraise online. Here’s what makes ActBlue a better choice:

ActBlue isn’t just a way to take in money. We’re a platform built specifically to support grassroots fundraising and the organizations doing that work. From our tools to our Express universe to our trainings, we draw from the experiences of thousands of groups fundraising with us.

How does that happen? Well, the huge volume of contributions we handle enables us to constantly improve our contribution forms with tiny optimizations that benefit the entire platform at once and immediately bring in more dollars. Donors are at the core of what we do, and we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier and faster for them to give. The design of buttons, small layout changes, and user experience alterations can make big differences when it comes to conversion rates.

We do one thing — build grassroots fundraising software that raises organizations more money and helps them increase their capacity to do powerful work — and we do it really well. We’ve never lost a head-to-head A/B test against another donation platform.

ActBlue’s toolset is designed to scale for organizations both big and small. Everyone has access to the same features, data visualizations, and tools no matter their size. That means your small (but mighty) charity has access to the same fundraising tools as presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders.

And the other important thing to know is that we’re a mission-driven nonprofit. We partner with our clients, working together to help them reach their fundraising goals. We’re not just another vendor looking to profit off of you. We’ve been around for 11 years, helped raise over $960 million in grassroots contributions for thousands of campaigns and organizations, and built a reputation for being helpful, reliable, and innovative. There are some huge charities that are doing cutting-edge work right now, and we can’t wait to partner with them to make charitable grassroots fundraising even better.

We’re excited to be working with organizations in a space where there is room for small-dollar donor growth, and the potential to build powerful movements of all kinds. ActBlue Charities is open to any c3 organization that is willing to engage in grassroots fundraising, and whose activity doesn’t contradict ActBlue Charities’ policies and values. Those values include (but aren’t limited to) social equality, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, diversity, freedom of speech, and respect for scientific inquiry, discovery, and data.

Charitable organizations will pay our standard 3.95% processing fee on contributions, but other than that, every single one of our tools — including training and support — is free. We’re usually able to set charities up in a single day. No contracts, no hidden costs.

If you’re an organization that meets the criteria above, and are interested in getting set up, let us know here. If you have questions, or want to learn more about our tools you can email us at

This launch is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long learning process, and we’re excited to start working with some amazing new organizations. Together, we can make big things happen.

What a spontaneous online fundraiser looks like

I’d say last night was YUUUUGE, but others have done the Donald impression much better than I could. Suffice it to say, it was a historic night for ActBlue’s infrastructure.

Yesterday evening, during a 15 minute span, ActBlue processed over 26,000 contributions. That’s equivalent to 104,000 contributions / hour. For context, the biggest hour up to last night saw 13,981 contributions created. That’s how big of a surge it was.

We’re always prepping for the biggest moments, those are our bread and butter. And one of the best parts about a big night like last night is we get to see how our tools hold up to a heavy load, and how we can improve in the future. We processed every contribution that came our way last night, and we’re confident we could have handled 150k / hour (and we’ll be able to handle 200k by later tonight).

We did hit one bump late yesterday though. Last night’s spontaneous fundraiser (the one that raised $5.2 million in less than a day) broke our external processor’s response systems. That’s some amazing grassroots power. Like we said, we over-prepare, so we were ready for that. But the vendor started giving us a previously undocumented error message, which temporarily caused some donors to not move from the “please wait” page to the confirmation page…even though their contributions were already fully processed

It’s not ideal, and it’s not the exceptional donor experience we want to provide people with. And we were sorry for that. We worked quickly to get the issue remedied and to get the donor user flow back to what it should be. In addition to technical solutions, our customer service team was answering donor questions in real-time last night and they’re working hard to talk to every donor today.

And we’re happy to say that we didn’t drop a single contribution, and we didn’t go down. If you saw an error message last night, that was because you were trying to access a non-essential page. We triage those during our busiest times, so we can put all our resources behind handling contributions. That part worked exactly as it should, and it paid off with some pretty eye-popping statistics:

Numbers are fun, but pictures are more fun, so let’s start with a graph:

Want to guess what time Senator Sanders told a national TV audience to go to and donate $27?

Those are requests / minute as recorded by our (fabulous) CDN, Fastly. And for the briefest moment in time, we hit 333,000 rpm. Prior to last night, we’d never seen that number go above 40,000 rpm. So it was, in a word, unprecedented.

Internally, we could see those donors giving at a similarly rapid pace:

Isn’t it beautiful how nicely those graphs match up? And yes, this means we topped out at more than 2000 contributions / minute. Our previous record was 781. Here’s the breakdown of our new contribution records:

Minute: 2,689
5 minutes: 11,218
10 minutes: 19,822

But the best part of the contributions per minute graph is the natural decay in rate. By that I mean the gradual downslope as the wave passed. Why is this important? Because if our infrastructure was actually in trouble the graph wouldn’t look as natural — you would be seeing some sharp drop-offs.

Last night was a huge win for small-dollar donors. They once again showed that they are a powerful force to be reckoned with, and we’re committed to providing them with the best experience possible. We know that rock-solid and innovative infrastructure is key to helping Democrats up and down the ballot raise the most money online. But we also know that respecting donors and making sure they have a good experience both technology and customer service-wise is key to growing small-dollar donor participation. We’re expecting a lot more big nights, and we’re ready and excited to empower donors and help candidates build winning campaigns.

If you have questions about a contribution, or want to talk shop, email us at and a real person will respond, as always.

Jan. ’16 Recap

In January 2016, almost two thousand different campaigns, organizations, and committees used ActBlue to raise more than $34M from 1.2M contributions.

More and more people are signing up for Express accounts and saving their credit card information, which makes it easy for them to give again. More than 70% of contributions made in January 2016 came from Express users. There’s a reason we call them our power users!

Topline Numbers

Jan. ’13 Jan. ’14 Jan. ’15 Jan. ’16
Contributions 99,494 223,393 226,962 1,229,971
Total Amount $3,446,702 $7,975,991 $6,234,257 $34,124,336
Avg. Contribution Size $34.64 $35.70 $27.47 $27.74
Unique Campaigns, Committees, and Organizations 764 1,603 1,154 1,939



Jan. ’13 Jan. ’14 Jan. ’15 Jan. ’16
% Mobile 9.2% 19.7% 25.3% 38.6%
% Mobile for
Express Users
12.2% 22.8% 27.2% 41.2%


Customer Service

For January 2016, our customer service team handled an average of 642 email conversations a day.

JAN. ’16
Total Incoming Calls 16,287
Email Conversations 19,908


170k indivudals signed up for Express accounts in January 2016, which is the second most in our history. Now, we’re up to 2,207,438 Express Users — people who have saved their payment information with ActBlue.

Jan. ’13 Jan. ’14 Jan. ’15 Jan. ’16
New Express Users 14,275 18,728 10,630 170,132
% of Total Volume
via Express Users
47.7% 47.2% 57.8% 66.1%
% of Contributions
via Express Users
55.2% 54.0% 60.2% 70.7%



So far this cycle, the percentage of total dollar amount from recurring contributions is double compared to all of the 2014 cycle. In other words, we’re $14M past last cycle’s total recurring total.

Jan. ’13 Jan. ’14 Jan. ’15 Jan. ’16
Total Recurring Volume $282,875 $739,220 $2,515,406 $7,713,541
% of Total Volume 8.2% 9.3% 40.3% 22.6%



If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out at

What reaching 2 million Express users means for you

We hit a major milestone during the recent end-of-quarter rush: 2 million Express users! That’s 2 million donors* who have saved their credit cards with ActBlue and can give to virtually any Democratic candidate in America — and an increasingly large percentage of progressive organizations — with a single click.

Now, that’s obviously a huge number, but big numbers don’t mean much on their own. What’s important is that it’s not just a big pool, it’s a big recent pool of donors. These aren’t just donors who signed up back when President Obama was running the first time — these are current, active, and engaged donors. 815,706 Express users signed up in 2015 (573,241 in the last 6 months alone), from 2,685 campaigns and organizations. Check out this growth chart:

Cumulative total of ActBlue express users: 2.1M

And here’s a closer look at the year-by-year breakdown:

Cumulative total of ActBlue express users: 2.1M

And Express users don’t just sign up for accounts, they actually use them. Express users account for 69% of all donations made site-wide right now, and their mobile donation rate is consistently higher (41% vs 32%) than non-express users. That’s going to be key in 2016, given the steady growth of mobile donations. We’re seeing a full 38% of donations made via mobile, and as much as 58% during big night or weekend hours.

But the best part of the Express universe, as always, is that it’s a shared resource. That means that organizations and candidates — from small non-profits up to presidential candidates — can fundraise more effectively. And it means that donors can connect and contribute to their favorite causes in one place. Together, we build grassroots movements for change.

* Actually, it’s 2.1 million now. Yep, the Express universe is growing that fast.

Record-breaking quarter caps off ActBlue’s biggest off-year ever

Breaking records doesn’t ever get old around here. Then again we’re a bunch of digital fundraising nerds that get super excited about participation in democracy and our larger society.

And we did a ton of celebrating this quarter. Not only was December 31st our biggest donor day in history with 150k contributions, but we handled more volume over the last four days of the quarter than we’ve ever handled during a four-day period. Yep, even bigger than the lead up to the 2014 midterms. It was a virtual wave of grassroots money flooding into thousands of campaigns and organizations.

That doesn’t happen without tons of dedicated staffers working for candidates and organizations grinding it out over the holidays, working to reach more donors, and get more people participating earlier than ever in a crucial election cycle.

We broke plenty more records this quarter as well. Q4 saw the most Express users ever added in a quarter — 302k — which brought our total number of donors who have saved their credit card information past the 2 million mark.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think we’d reach that big milestone by the end of the year, but there was a tremendous surge at the end of December that put us over the top. We added the most Express users (31k) in a single day on December 31, 2015 — part of our unending quest to make it increasingly simple and easy for folks to give again in a single click.

During the last quarter of 2015 we handled 2.4M contributions — you guessed it, another record. Here’s a chart comparing Q4 2015 to past quarters, dating back to the 2012 election cycle:

Total contributions by quarter since 2011 on ActBlue

As you can see, the two previous cycles started out with slow growth, with the major growth happening in the last two or three quarters. That’s not happening this cycle. We’re seeing consistent increases quarter over quarter.

And yes, given this crazy growth pattern we’re busting our tails right now to make sure our underlying technology infrastructure continues to be rock solid. Not for nothing, while there were major enterprise-grade tech problems at the end of the year, ActBlue stayed up and processing contributions like it was any normal day.

It’s also worth pointing out that we’re past the $200M mark for the cycle. To put that in context, that’s $20M more than we handled in the entire 2012 election cycle, the last presidential cycle. And we’re nearly two-thirds of the way to 2014’s $320M benchmark (our biggest cycle).

So yeah, we’re well ahead of schedule to surpass half a billion dollars this cycle.

Off-year fundraising totals on ActBlue since the 2012 election cycle

On the above chart, you can also see a huge uptick leading up to 2015’s fourth end-of-quarter (EOQ). That spike is the $13M we handled from December 28, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

It’s proof that donors are in the giving mood (or at least still checking email!) at the end of the year — even if those donations aren’t tax deductible, like political contributions. Email is an evolving art, but it’s a good idea to keep this in the back of your head for planning out your send calendar for the end of the year.

But let’s focus on our biggest donor day ever — because December 31, 2015 was big and mobile-intensive. Here’s what the hour-by-hour looked like for contributions made on New Year’s Eve:

Mobile and desktop contributions made on December 31, 2015 by hour

A full 12,805 contributions came in between 9 to 10 PM (that’s the most newly made contributions in a single hour) with 57.7% (!!!!) of those being made via mobile devices. That’s by far the highest number of mobile contributions made in a single hour and it’s also the highest we’ve ever seen the mobile donation rate. Last EOQ we saw mobile rates spike above 50% for a few short minutes, but on December 31, 2015 there were three straight hours with more contributions coming in via a mobile device than a laptop or desktop.

It won’t be long now until >50% mobile is standard stuff, but right now this is new and exciting. And it’s also a reminder of how important it is for sites to load quickly during big traffic moments, especially when people should be enjoying a party and not fiddling with their phones.

And for those that are wondering how December 31, 2015 shaped up to the other three biggest donor days in our history, look no further than the following chart:

Contributions by hour on the biggest end-of-quarter days in ActBlue history

Just three months ago on September 30, 2015 we handled 147k contributions. The final tallies for September 30, 2014 and June 30, 2015 were 136k and 106k, respectively. What makes December 31, 2015 unique is the smaller bump at 4AM, which is when we process queued recurring contributions in a batch. We run this in the early morning to make sure our platform isn’t clogged up when the hourly volume picks up later in the day. For months that end in “30” we process recurring contributions made on both the 30th and 31st of a month, which is one reason why you see those huge upticks between 4 and 5AM for the other three biggest EOQs. There was just that much more organic traffic on December 31, 2015 to set the record for biggest donor day.

Below we break down this quarter compared to previous quarters.


Q4 2011 Q4 2012 Q4 2013 Q4 2014 Q4 2015
Contributions 208,812 1,265,339 743,110 2,177,164 2,401,748
Total Amount $13,076,152 $48,271,803 $28,642,254 $74,208,413 $72,361,085
Avg. Contribution Size $62.62 $38.15 $38.54 $34.08 $30.13
Campaigns and organizations 1,688 2,419 2,189 2,800 2,618

We’re out-pacing where we were last election cycle by more than three times the number of contributions and more than twice the total volume. More committees, campaigns, and organizations are fundraising at this point in the cycle than last cycle, too. And we’re actually not that far off from the number that were fundraising over the last few days before Election Day in 2014.


Q4 2011 Q4 2012 Q4 2013 Q4 2014 Q4 2015
New Express Users 14,049 114,799 69,600 99,821 302,993
Express User conversion rate 8.1% 17.3% 17.7% 15.6% 34.8%
Percent Express contributions 17.7% 53.4% 52.5% 64.5% 67.4%

Express users are our power users: Two out of three contributions made this quarter were from Express users (compared to a little more than one in two during the last off-year). Donors are also signing up at a fast clip: we added 816k new Express users this year, which is more than we signed up for Express throughout the entire 2014 election cycle.

The Express universe is huge, new, and active — donors consistently use their accounts to make contributions. It’s a big reason why we had such a monster Q4.


Q4 2011 Q4 2012 Q4 2013 Q4 2014 Q4 2015
Percent mobile 2.3% 8.9% 19.% 25.3% 34.8%
Percent mobile for Express users 1.7% 11.6% 23.3% 27.0% 37.6%

We’ve already talked about the huge spikes we saw during the last day of the year, but more than one in three contributions made this quarter were made on a mobile device. That’s the highest rate in our history. And it’s even higher for Express users because they’ve already saved their credit cards with ActBlue, which means they can give with a single-click using Express Lane.


Q4 2011 Q4 2012 Q4 2013 Q4 2014 Q4 2015
Recurring volume $769,101 $3,163,684 $1,835,802 $17,639,613 $17,242,658
Percent recurring volume 5.9% 6.6% 6.4% 23.8% 23.8%

Recurring volume continues to represent a significant portion of the quarter’s total dollar amount. Almost one in four dollars we handled were recurring. And in terms of total dollar amount, the recurring volume we saw in Q4 2015 was more than nine times(!) as much as in Q4 2013.

We couldn’t possibly talk about all of these insane numbers without mentioning our rockstar Customer Service team. They spent December 31st handling 2,791 email conversations and fielding 941 phone calls from donors across the country.

Over the course of the entire quarter, the team had 38,671 email conversations and answered 46,297 incoming phone calls from donors, making it possible for the campaigns and organizations using ActBlue to focus in on their fundraising programs and have a successful end to 2015. We work relentlessly to support donors in a timely manner, because it’s the right thing to do and because it makes them more likely to come back and give again.

All in all, this was a massive, record-breaking quarter, bigger than the last record-breaking quarter (noticing a pattern?). Stay tuned for more crazy totals and sky-high percentage increases.

But wait, one more! We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that we just passed the $900M mark for the total raised in our eleven-year history!!! That big B (billion!) word is in sight! #roadto1B

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our fantastic year: As always, we like email and would love to get one from you, email and a real, live human will respond.