Quote of the Day

From the comments of this post on MyDD.

"Act Blue is the most important invention since fire."

Now we’ve got to work on taking down sliced bread. More on that in upcoming weeks (no seriously).

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I totally agree with the importance of ActBlue, and that’s why it occurred to me that it would be great if somehow ActBlue could be extended (or replicated) to cover blogs themselves, so that people could easily throw a few dollars to Crooks and Liars, or TPM, or wherever. These blogs are another important piece of the infrastructure we need, and to the extent you can make it easier for people to support them, I think all of us (including ActBlue and Democratic candidates) will benefit.


This is a very good point and as a former state blogger, I certainly know the benefit of being able to raise some operations money from time to time. Right now there are a couple of examples of how bloggers are raising funds.
1) BlogPAC– Set up by some of the national bloggers, it has raised funds to help pay for state blogger’s yearly hosting costs. It’s a little indirect, but they are doing a lot of projects that are of aid to bloggers now.
2) Raising Kaine– Because the blog has set up a state PAC, we can raise for them. If a blog is in one of the 22 states where we are active and has set up a state pac, they can do fundraising for themselves.
Right now, there are some requirements that we follow as we can only work with officially filed entities across the county but we are always looking for ways to help people support themselves.


Yeah, there are so many technical and legal hurdles that I’m not sure that idea would make sense. Of course, any blogger can set up a simple PayPal “donate to me” button.
The real power of ActBlue is the combination of easy fundraising with getting all the legal crap figured out so that it works without a hitch.