The Pace of Fundraising

Political Insider points out a rather amazing statistic.

"Assuming the Dem WH field pulled in $70M over the past Q, that means
they collectively raised cash at a rate of about $778K/day, $32K/hour,
or $9.00/second

Seeing as that collective number on the Dem side looks to be more like $75 million or more, that can be revised to $833K/day, $34.7K/hour, or $579/min, or $9.65/sec.

I went ahead and calculated this for ActBlue (between last Tuesday night when we hit $20 million through to end of the quarter on midnight Saturday). Inclusive of all candidates, from state house to President, fundraising online through ActBlue ran at an average clip of $311K/day, $13K/hour, $216/min, or $3.60/sec for that period.

I would do it for the entire quarter but it’s not directly comparable because ActBlue serves so many candidates who are not doing intense presidential level fundraising.  The last week is a better measure since the bulk of it is presidential money.