Page of the Week

Tip: Use Humor

One of the things that can help make an ActBlue fundraising page more successful is to make it catchy and relevant to your audience. While we weren’t sure what to expect when we first saw the Angry Buddhists for Richarson page, the staff was captivated by its clever ‘pitch’.

Greetings Gentle Followers,

It is time to raise more than the change that comes from within and reach for the credit card that comes from the wallet.

I won’t make you roll your eyes by saying that puts the ‘fun’ into fundraising, but remember that humor can spice up your ‘asks’ and make fundraising more personal.

This is our first post in our weekly series called "Page of the Week." In this series, I’ll be highlighting ActBlue Fundraising pages that the staff likes that also include ideas to improve your fundraising efforts.