Page of the Week

This week’s Page of the Week is actually an Event Page. After highlighting some good standards and practices for making use of ActBlue for events in this post on April 16th, we saw the Blue House at the Brew House: McNerney-Brown Blograiser and had to point it out.

Put together by the California Blogosphere, there are a number of successful elements on this page.

  • Graphics: The custom made image at the top of the page catches the eye and re-enforces the event’s purpose.
  • Details: The critical “who, what, when, & where” are all present front and center, set off in a blockquote.
  • Incentives: Reserving tickets online will save you money than waiting to pay at the door! Attendees will get to hang out with a Congressman! There are prizes to be won!  All of these extra bonuses should help seal the deal for the event.

caliticsbluebrewUPDATE: I just noticed that over at Calitics, they have this event posted in the top banner area. Included is the graphic and the basics of the event. This is a really great way to cross-promote the event and brand it visually. I’ve included a screenshot (click to view larger pop-up).

Additionally, I’ve chatted with page creator Julia Rosen who had this to say about Actblue.

ActBlue allowed us to solve a unique problem.  How do we promote and
collect money for an event when the attendees and organizers are coming
in from all over the state?  [With ActBlue] we were able to put all of the information
in the same location that we collected the money.  We plan to print off
the list of donors at the door and will have laptops on hand to
“collect” late donations at the door.  It was an all in one solution,
that worked marvelously to raise several thousand dollars for two great
candidates! -Julia Rosen

This is a post in our series called “Page of the Week.” In it, I’ll be highlighting ActBlue Fundraising pages which the staff likes that also include ideas to improve your fundraising efforts.