ActBlue Earns You Media

On of the things we’ve noticed for some time is that ActBlue helps campaign earn free media attention. While we keep tabs on our own coverage (you’ve probably seen me pop up in the comments of any blog post concerning ActBlue fairly quickly), what we love even more is to see candidates using ActBlue make the news.

I’ve pointed this out before in a blog post where Democratic candidates Martin Heinrich and Steve Novick received coverage because of their public fundraising numbers on ActBlue. This week we’ve seen Carlos Del Toro, a state assembly candidate in Virgina receive some free press in a local paper in the district he’s running in. We’ve also seen Presidential candidates earn media. For instance, ActBlue was pointed out as the reason for this front section story in the New York Times about presidential fundraising.

Political beat reporters are hungry to have a reason to write. As a former journalist and state-level blogger myself, the public fundraising numbers that are provided by ActBlue are a great hook. This is great for local stories about elections that may not otherwise be generating much news. While politics is more than just about money, smart campaigns can leverage this fact to their advantage. In an environment where earned media is an important component of modern campaigns, the public nature of ActBlue can be a natural ally. Feel free to make use of it!