Page of the Week

One of the keys to successful fundraising is to give potential donors a solid reason for why they should give. Today’s ActBlue Page of the Week is a great example of this.

Check out this Next Generation Democrats fundraising page. Its title? NGD’s "Pay Grant Herring’s Rent" Page.

Included on the page are a couple of good practices.

  • A Clever Title: This engages the donor and the youthful nature fits the page.
  • Contains a Picture: Attractive to the eye, it helps may a direct connection. There is a face behind the words and a sense of connection between the donors and who they are helping.
  • Solid Introductory Text: It explains the Next Generation Democrats primary mission in one sentence. It then explains what a contribution to NGD will be put towards- helping Grant in his paid position as deputy field director for an endorsed campaign.
  • Appropriate Explanatory Text: Included on the page is additional background about who Grant is and why his work is important. Not only are donors giving to support his work, but they are also giving to support the ideals of young progressives being paid in politics.

These elements come together to make a compelling ask that is on message and to the point with minimal clutter.

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