Discover New Federal Candidates With Ruby

Over on the political side of ActBlue, occasionally we come across a problem that cries out for an automated solution.  One of these problems involved periodically updating the database with newly filed Federal Democrats.  To help keep us up to date, I wrote this ruby script which queries the FEC and compares the current list of filed Candidate Committees to the list the last time the script was run.  It then emails whatever address you specify in the code with the candidate name, address and committee ID.

Download FEC_Check.rb

This is released with the MIT software license so please use it to your heart’s content.  Be sure to glance over the script before running it, as it does have some dependencies that may need to be installed and variables that need to be set.

This is released without any technical support from ActBlue.  I am not a formally trained programmer and I assume there may be better ways of accomplishing the same thing.  You can feel free to contact me at but please don’t expect a speedy response as I spend the majority of my day helping state and local candidates use ActBlue effectively and successfully.