Page of the Week

It’s been a while since we’ve pointed out a new page of the week here on the ActBlue Blog (more like page of the month, right?) But I wanted to give a quick shout-out to the Courage Campaign’s fundraising efforts. They are fighting back against a Republican sponsored initiative to split California’s electoral votes in the Presidential Election next year- an initiative that would likely move over 20 electoral votes into the Republican column if approved.

Working in conjunction with the California netroots and other online communities, they launched this “20 for 20” fundraising campaign. I quote the following from their well laid out page.

One way we’re building netroots infrastructure is by using and
supporting ActBlue, the online community tool that empowers anyone —
individuals, local groups, and national organizations — to fundraise
online for progressive candidates and causes. By contributing 20
dollars to save 20 electoral votes, you can “raise the roots” by
building netroots and grassroots infrastructure — both at Courage and
at ActBlue.

If you can contribute $20 to Courage, please consider giving $2 (a 10% tip) to ActBlue as well on the next page.

In addition, the campaign included this YouTube video on their landing page as well as on their official ActBlue fundraising page. (Maybe they read this blog post about embedding video into fundraising pages- California really has been leading the way with embedded video fundraising asks!) They also encourage others to set up their own fundraising pages to expand the community aspect of the fundraising effort. You can see an assortment of these pages from their ActBlue Hub including this excellent one by Calitics blogger Julia Rosen which includes a great picture and a specific ask- $616.19, which was the cost of the Kinko’s bill for printing out petitions delivered to the Governor’s office.

Update: Let me provide this update to the Courage Campaign’s efforts as they are really leveraging the “user flow” from one action to the next.

Today they launched a web-ad on YouTube and made it part of an online petition which is posted here. When people sign onto it with their name and e-mail address two things happen.

  1. First, they are directed to the 20for20 contribution page on the Courage Campaigns site. If someone is willing to sign on to the petition, they may be willing to donate so it makes sense to ask.
  2. Second, an email thanking you for signing the petition is sent- a best practice that I talked about last week. But on top of that, the Courage Campaign is including an ask for contributions in that e-mail. Great!

Thanks for contacting Arnold.  Maybe this time he will stop parodying the Simpsons and finally start leading.

only way we are going to beat back this power grab is with the
progressive community’s hard work, and frankly dollars.  We need the
resources to take this fight to the Arnold and the Republicans and stop
these dirty tricks.

Donate now (
so Courage Campaign can keep working to defeat this dirty trick
initiative.  We have a lot of great ideas up our sleeves, but need the
resources to make them reality.  Can you help us?

Go here ( to donate to Courage Campaign

Thanks again…

Fundraising requires repetition and a willingness to ask. Smart campaigns should take advantage of this flow of action and make use of each step to maximize their effectiveness like the Courage Campaign appears to be doing here.