ActBlue Now Active for State Races in New York

ActBlue is pleased to announce that we’re now active for state races in New York.  You can now contribute to Democrats running in state elections through ActBlue.  Better yet, set up your own page and start fundraising!

Everyone here at ActBlue is very excited about this development.  To mark the occasion we’ll be livebloging on The Albany Project tonight, 1/31/08 starting at 7PM.  Political Director Erin Hill, Deputy Political Director Nate Thames, and Netroots Coordinator Melissa Ryan will be on hand to answer you questions.

To learn more about this exciting development here’s our press release:


2008? ActBlue, the online platform that allows Democrats to raise funds
for the candidates of their choice, is now active in New York State.
With the launch, ActBlue puts a new tool into the hands of Democrats
across the state, allowing them for the first time to support not only
federal candidates but statewide candidates, party committees and
Democrats running for State Senate and State Assembly.

State party co-chairman David Pollak heralded ActBlue’s arrival in
New York today.  "ActBlue has proven to be an invaluable resource for
Democratic candidates across the country," says Pollak. "By adding
functionality for state legislative candidates, ActBlue will play a
critical role in helping Democrats at the grassroots level get involved
in the effort to take back the New York State Senate."

Beyond party activity, the entry of ActBlue into New York will make
it possible for individuals in New York State to start mobilizing
friends and colleagues in support of Democratic candidates at all
levels.  Much as in Virginia, where a broad coalition of activists and
bloggers joined hands through ActBlue with Governor Kaine and the state
party to take back the Virginia Senate for the first time in a decade,
ActBlue will facilitate cooperation between New York Democratic
institutions and communities of Democrats from upstate to Manhattan.

"This is something that those of us focused on state level races in
New York have been wanting for at least two years, and we are beyond
excited that this day has finally come," says Phillip Anderson,
editor-in-chief of the Albany Project, a prominent blog devoted to
Democratic victories in New York State. "I think that we may look back
on this day a year from now and see this as a real game-changing event
in the effort to take our state government back."

ActBlue has enabled individuals and groups across the country to
raise more than $36 million for Democratic candidates and committees
since 2004. More important, says executive director Jonathan Zucker,
ActBlue has built a new kind of infrastructure capable not only of
raising untapped millions at unprecedented speed but also of mobilizing
support for Democrats in the closest races. "Building infrastructure is
the most important thing we can be doing as a party," says Zucker. "We
ran wheezing behind Republicans for years when it came to
infrastructure, but ActBlue’s $36 million is proof positive that we’re
not only catching up but on course to win."  Zucker is expecting
ActBlue’s funding total to top $100 million this cycle.

ActBlue will be live blogging from their headquarters tonight from 7 to 8 at the Albany Project, online at

Red to Blue

Last week the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
unveiled phase one of their Red to Blue fundraising campaign, which
focused on raising funds for Democrats running in open districts.  The
DCCC has partnered with ActBlue to raise funds through the Red to Blue fundraising page. Initially eight
candidates were chosen, but the announced retirement of Republican Congressman
Jim Walsh (NY-25) created yet another opportunity for Democratic

website makes it easy to make immediate changes to any fundraising
page.  Within 24 hours Democratic challenger Dan Maffei was added to
the Red to Blue campaign and its page.  Upon hearing the news Democrats
could immediately go online and take action for Maffei.  As of this
morning 681 ActBlue Democrats have contributed $22,014 to Maffei’s

It’s worth noting that the list of Red to Blue
candidates reads like a virtual Who’s Who of ActBlue stars.  Many of
these candidates had trouble attracting institutional support, but a
strong presence on ActBlue allowed them to build and showcase their
grassroots momentum online.  The Red to Blue Campaign is just one of
hundreds of examples of how ActBlue Democrats are changing the face of
politics across the nation.

ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Friday

Miss a day of Stats Week?  Check out the previous posts:

Comparing the 2005-2006 election cycle to the 2007-2008 election

Number of Contributors in 2007: 144,151
Number of Contributors in 2005: 22,067

Pages Created in 2007: 2600
Pages created in 2005: 1112

Number of Contributors Leaving Tips in 2007: 59,346
Number of Contributors Leaving Tips in 2005: 10,977

Top Ten Pages with the Highest Number of Tippers: (pages with 100+ contributors)

Page % of Tippers
Eschaton ’08 Challengers 77%
Freeze Out Fox News 77%
Not One Red Cent 74%
Burn Bush for Burner 71%
Blue Majority 70%
BlogPac Heroes 69%
AMERICAblog Supports Tom Allen 69%
Blue America ’08 68%
Help Skinner Finish the Job 68%
BlogPac 67%
Steve Beshear 67%

In 2007 ActBlue Democrats raised ten times more funds than in 2005.  Because of ActBlue’s phenomenal growth there
are thousands more participants in the Democratic process and we fully
expect their accumulated activity to reach $100 million by the time
ballots are cast in November.  That’s $100 million raised for Democrats
across the country on ActBlue. It’s clear that 2008 is going to be a watershed
year for Democrats up and down the ballot.  ActBlue Democrats are at the
forefront of that success.

We rely on the tens of thousands
of people who support us through tipping (59,346 in 2007).  That
support keeps us
afloat so we can empower more people to support campaigns and influence
political process.  Tips allow ActBlue to add more staff to provide
hands-on customer service and train activists nationwide.  Tips allow
us to deliver more enhanced features on our website.  Tips are the fuel that keeps ActBlue burning.

It’s only fitting that we end stats week by recognizing the
extraordinary action and escalating growth of ActBlue with a humble
thank you to all those who left us a tip in 2007 making all of this


ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Thursday

Top Ten ActBlue Pages 2007

by number of contributors:

Candidate # of Contributors
John Edwards 51,366
Blue America ’08 3413
Blue Majority 2643
People’s Email Network 2478
Burn Bush for Burner 2469
Courage Campaign 1645
Welcome Back, Tim 1576
Roadblock Republicans 1482
Mark Warner for Senate 1409
Bill Richardson 1344

by amount raised:

Page Amount Raised
John Edwards $3,937,373.26
Mark Warner for Senate $556,405.19
Blue America ’08 $232,604.31
Dan Seals for Congress $210,140.00
Netroots for Noriega $189,837.75
Blue Majority $174,287.55
Bill Richardson $172,690.46
Support Jeanne Shaheen $137,561.00
Novick for Senate $123,100.16
People’s Email Network $120,611.56

Q1 Top Five ActBlue Pages 2007

by number of contributors

Page # of Contributors
John Edwards 24,913
Bill Richardson 1112
Hold the Senate 654
Christine Jennings Recount Fund 513
Born Fighting PAC 332

by amount raised


Page Amount Raised
John Edwards $2,165,357.24
Bill Richardson $163,090.74
Obama for America $29,134.41
Hold the Senate $28,820.06
Born Fighting PAC $26442.06

Q2 Top Five ActBlue Pages 2007

by number of contributors

Page # of Contributors
John Edwards 12661
Roadblock Republicans 1017
Kerry for Johnson 842
Blue America ’08 482
People’s Email Network 373

by amount raised


Page Amount Raised
John Edwards $857,391.54
Roadblock Republicans $857,391.54
Dan Seals for Congress $65,528.00
Kerry for Johnson $33,663.55
Blue America ’08 $30,601.88

Q3 Top Five ActBlue Pages 2007

by number of contributors

Page Amount Raised
John Edwards 9698
Burn Bush for Burner 2446
Welcome Back, Tim 1526
Blue America ’08 995
Blue Majority 962

by amount raised


Page # of Contributors
John Edwards $713,600.37
Mark Warner for Senate $402,647.19
Netroots for Noriega $141,675.66
Burn Bush for Burner $88,185.55
Welcome Back, Tim $71,124.67

Q4 Top Five ActBlue Pages 2007

by number of contributors

Page # of Contributors
John Edwards 4094
Blue America ’08 1735
Blue Majority 1313
Courage Campaign 1172
People’s Email Network 1167

by amount raised

Page Amount Raised
John Edwards $201,024.11
Mark Warner for Senate $153,758.00
Blue America ’08 $118,837.90
Blue Majority $85,751.89
People’s Email Network $69,032.40


ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Wednesday

Total money raised for State elections on ActBlue in 2007: $1,661,599.74

Compared to the total money raised for State elections on ActBlue in 2006: $631,631

Total number of contributors for State elections in 2007: 12,474

Compared to the total number of contributors for State elections in 2006: 5506

Top Five States in 2007

By Number of Contributors

State # of Contributors
Virgina 3481
California 1426
Illinois 1152
Missouri 331
Pennsylvania 324

By Amount Raised

State Amount Raised
Virgina $624,686
California $393,081
Illinois $87,298
Montana $35,212
Pennsylvania $33,943

Top Five State Entities in 2007

By Number of Contributors

Entity District # of Contributors
Courage Campaign Issues Committee CA State PAC 2104
Daniel Biss IL-HD-017 950
George Barker VA-SD-039 388
Joe Alioto Veronese CA-SD-03 372
Karen Schultz VA-SD-27 358

By Amount Raised

Entity District Amount Raised
Mark Leno CA-AD-013 $121,206
Karen Schultz VA-SD-27 $117,593
Courage Campaign Issues Committee CA State PAC $82,933
Joe Alioto Veronese CA-SD-03 $82,673
Daniel Biss IL-HD-017 $61,996

Making Democracy More Democratic

Over at Horses Ass, blogger David Goldstein gives his take on the importance of ActBlue.  It’s a spot on analysis both of what ActBlue does and why it matters. 

Emphasis Mine:

When people talk about the progressive “netroots” the first thing
that comes to mind are the plethora of local and national blogs that
have grown to challenge the legacy media’s diminishing control over the
political narrative. But in fact it is much, much more than that, and one of the most exciting and important netroots developments of the past few years has been the growth of ActBlue,
an online fundraising clearinghouse that is beginning to enable the
financial power of the people to challenge the entrenched power of
corporate America.

The US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that money is speech, and
in that context, the special interests of the ultra-wealthy have long
spoken louder than the interests of the average Joe, but by
democratizing fundraising, introducing efficiencies and creating new
grassroots opportunities that flip the traditional top-down model on
its head, ActBlue has begun a process that could eventually free
candidates from the financial stranglehold of corporate sponsors. The
fact is that money, and the media it buys, be it television, radio,
direct mail or other, is the primary means by which candidates
communicate their message to voters; no realistically achievable amount
of doorbelling or coffee klatches can win a congressional district on
its own, and no candidate can be expected to compete for votes without
securing at least a somewhat level financial playing field. ActBlue
provides a tool that doesn’t just enable progressive campaigns to tap
into the aggregate resources of the public at large, it enables the
people to organize ourselves in support of the candidates we prefer, as
opposed to merely those candidates the political establishment would
prefer we be limited to choose from.

Most of us can’t afford to max out to candidates.  What we can do is
come together and maximize the impact of contributions to a campaign.  ActBlue exists to give you that power.  We’re a resource for you.

ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Tuesday

Total Amount Raised for Federal Races on ActBlue in 2007: $15,418,243.86

Total Number of Contributors for Federal Races in 2007: 136,322

Top 5 Senate Candidate Recipients in 2007

by number of contributors:

Candidate Race # of Contributors
Tim Johnson SD-Sen 5583
Rick Noriega TX-Sen 3081
Mark Warner VA-Sen 1587
Tom Allen ME-Sen 1424
Tom Harkin IA-Sen 1011

by amount raised

Candidate Race Amount Raised
Mark Warner VA-Sen $579,706.04
Rick Noriega TX-Sen $342,554.50
Tim Johnson SD-Sen $323,192.06
Steve Novick OR-Sen $277,048.82
John Kerry MA-Sen $231,732.67

Top 5 House Candidate Recipients in 2007

by number of contributors:

Candidate Race # of Contributors
Donna Edwards MD-04 5582
Darcy Burner WA-08 4189
Eric Massa NY-29 2577
Mark Pera IL-03 2290
Charlie Brown CA-04 2251

by amount raised

Candidate Race Amount Raised
Joseph Sestak Jr PA-07 $387,316.13
Niki Tsongas MA-05 $320,298.28
Jared Polis CO-02 $308,584.03
Donna Edwards MD-04 $268,569.68
Chellie Pinegree ME-01 $260,985.34

ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Monday

Comparing the 2005-2006 election cycle to the 2007-2008 election

Total Amount Raised on ActBlue in 2007: $16,872,127.06
Total Amount Raised on ActBlue in 2005: $1,684,797.22

Total Number of Contributors in 2007: 169,287
Total Number of Contributors in 2005: 23,816

Average Contribution in 2007: $119.00
Average Contribution in 2005: $78.28

Top Ten Candidates in 2007

by # of contributors:

Candidate Race Contributors
John Edwards President 53,433
Tim Johnson SD-Sen 5583
Donna Edwards MD-04 5582
Darcy Burner WA-08 4189
Dennis Kucinich President 3126
Rick Noriega TX-Sen 3081
Eric Massa NY-29 2577
Mark Pera IL-03 2290
Charlie Brown CA-04 2067
Joseph Sestak Jr PA-07 2067

By amount raised:

Candidate Race Amount Raised
John Edwards President $4,096,830.41
Mark Warner VA-Sen $579,706.04
Joseph Sestak Jr PA-07 $387,316.13
Rick Noriega TX-Sen $342,554.50
Tim Johnson SD-Sen $323,192.06
Niki Tsongas MA-05 $320,298.28
Bill Richardson President $310,262.50
Jared Polis CO-02 $308,584.03
Steve Novick OR-Sen $277,048.82
Donna Edwards MD-04 $268,569.68

Introducing Melissa!

So, we’ve been quiet here for awhile.  The last post on the ActBlue blog was an announcement that we’re hiring.  Well I’m pleased to announce that ActBlue has now hired.  Soon we’ll introduce all of our new staff, but as the resident blogger I figure I’d show my colleagues how it’s done by posting my own introduction.

My name is Melissa Ryan and I’m the new Netroots Coordinator here at ActBlue.  My job is to reach out to bloggers and the netroots community.  You’ll be hearing a lot from me on the ActBlue blog and maybe your favorite political blogs too, particularly state specific political blogs.  I now have accounts on each of the 50 state network blogs where I look forward to contributing to the discussions.

Previously I blogged at Connecticut Local Politics & MyDD.  I’ve been a volunteer for my local Democratic party and campaigns including serving on my local Democratic Town Committee and most recently organizing pub quiz blograisers for CT-04 challenger Jim Himes.  Before politics took over my life I worked in the museum field.  I have a degree from the Mannes College of Music in voice.

Monday marks the return of Stats Week.  We’ll provide an overview of 2007 for ActBlue.  It’s also a way to highlight the work of everyone who contributed or raised funds through their own pages last year.

I look forward to working at ActBlue, especially since 2008 promises to be such an exciting year for Democrats nationwide.  In the meantime if you have a question or just want to say hello, drop me a line at