Introducing ActBlue Express. One-click political donations are only a minute away.

ActBlue is unveiling a sparkly new feature this week. We’re calling it ActBlue Express, and we think you’re going to like it. It’ll make your life easier, and it’ll make democracy stronger. (How clever.)

It’s better for you. ActBlue Express will save you time by storing your information for you, just like Amazon. See all your donations in one place.

It’s better for democracy.
  Through ActBlue Express, we’ll collect the kinds of information campaigns need to do a better job—and we’ll protect your privacy at the same time.

It’s better for the environment. Over time, ActBlue will help campaigns cut down on unnecessary paper mailings, by allowing you to elect to have campaign correspondence delivered to you electronically. (We could have called this “ActBlue Goes Green,” but we’re not that incorrigibly schmaltzy.)

Getting started is easy.

–If you have an ActBlue username, log in to MyActBlue to create your donor account. Click ‘Create Donor Profile’ under ‘Account Settings.’

–If you don’t yet have an ActBlue username, make a donation to any candidate (or to ActBlue), and click the ‘Sign up now’ button on the ‘Thank You’ screen.

Forty Million for Democrats!

More great news from ActBlue
this morning. As of last night, ActBlue has raised more than forty
million dollars for some 2,557 Democratic campaigns and committees
across the United States.


A great day for us here, and a great day for ActBlue Democrats in all fifty states. Congratulations all around!

ActBlue Crosses $21 Million Mark for 2008 Cycle

As the Washington Post reported this weekend, ActBlue has raised more than $21 million for Democrats this cycle. That’s ten times our totals at this point in 2006, and it’s great news for downballot campaigns across the country. We’ll have more to say on this in our March newsletter, but in the meantime, check out Matthew Mosk’s article .

ActBlue Reports Raising $21 Million

The Washington Post  [The Trail]

By Matthew Mosk

There have been plenty of signs of the huge advantage Democrats appear to hold in the arena of Internet fundraising this year.

Barack Obama’s $55 million haul in February, for instance.

The latest sign comes via the web site, which collects contributions for Democrats up and down the ballot.
The website reported today that it has so far raised $21,226,219 for Democratic candidates who face election in November. This has been significant for presidential contenders — who have collectively raised $5,064,291 from the site so far. (Most of that was directed to John Edwards, who used the site as his primary means of collecting online donations.)

But the more substantial impact of the site’s efforts are likely to be felt by congressional candidates, according to Marissa Doran, who serves as director of strategy and communications for the site. The site has enabled donors around the country to direct money to targeted races, often ones identified and promoted by liberal blogs.

Republicans have attempted to match the effort on a handful of similar sites, but to date have not found the traction of ActBlue.