Why Euros? Why Now?


Since our inception in 2004, ActBlue has combined cutting edge technology, financial economies of scale, and progressive ingenuity into a dynamic online tool that provides Democrats with a lasting electoral competitive edge.

We began by modestly offering all Democrats the ability to raise online funds for the federal candidates of their choice.  By giving every Democrat–not just the most well-funded organizations–an opportunity to publicly quantify and track their fundraising work, we removed a significant barrier of entry into political participation and opened up campaign finance to a new pool of Democratic activists.  Four years later, ActBlue has expanded to be the nation’s largest conduit of funds to candidates–helping both federal and state level groups–with robust organizing tools that let fundraisers and campaigns mange events online, send “spread the word” emails, and track fundraising in increasingly sophisticated ways.  We’re proud of this growth, but we wouldn’t be staying true to our core mission if we didn’t keep building on it to find better technology, better systems, and–ultimately–better deals for Democrats.  That’s why we have an announcement.

To help your Democratic dollar go as far as it possibly can, we’re converting all monetary units on ActBlue to the euro.


Why Euro?  Why Now?

The euro is a currency in ascendancy.  Since its introduction in 1999, the euro has steadily been growing in world prominence and viability. As our current administration leads the US to economic instability and the dollar continues to plummet in worth, the euro surpasses all other world currencies in circulation and strength.

Noting this trend, we turned a discerning eye on monetary units and realized that by converting your dollars into euros, we could help Democrats reap the biggest benefit  out of each donated amount.

Of course, there are lots of complicated technical and legal permutations going on in the background.  We’re excited to share our findings with you and will be talking more about the details in future weeks.  For today, note the converted monetary amounts on ActBlue.com and be assured that we’re doing all we can to make all your hard fundraising work count at the highest level.  If you have questions or thoughts, let us know at firstofapril@actblue.com and we’ll start the discussion!