Introducing the ActBlue Campaign Newswire

campaign_newswire_logoActBlue is launching a new service today for journalists and bloggers.

We’re launching the Campaign Newswire in response to repeated requests from members of the media and the blogging community to share with a broader public some of the trends we see here in the course of our work with more than 3000 campaigns.

Journalists often come to us looking for the ‘next big story’ in politics, and campaigns often tell us they like the free media that follows from our quarterly stats posts. The Campaign Newswire is an effort to serve both the journalistic and campaign communities, and we hope it will be helpful to all.

Beginning next week, we’ll release a report each Tuesday with an
insider’s look at statistics from campaigns across the country and up
and down the ballot, featuring the week’s top ten campaigns. We’ve put up a preview today, for your weekend reading!

We invite you to subscribe to the Campaign Newswire RSS feed at

We hope this service is useful to you. We’re eager to hear your suggestions for how to make what we’re doing more helpful to you and others.

Please write to us with any feedback, big or small, at press AT, or call us at (617) 517. 7602. We’d love to hear from you.

2 Comments for “Introducing the ActBlue Campaign Newswire”



Happy to donate to help retire Hillary’s debt. I’ve stopped contributing on her website because I don’t want BO to get one cent of my money. I find both he and his wife unbearable. I’m still hoping for a miracle in Denver!
I will always be a supporter of Hillary Clinton. She is truly the People’s President. AND when BO looses to Sen. McCain in November it will be because the rest of the nation saw through his paper-thin resume and his absolute lust for fame and power.



This will be most welcome, and I’m signing up for email. I hope the information you send out will include voting data of the politicians who accept money from donors of this site. I’m extremely dismayed to see that Ron Kind from Wisconsin has voted in favor of this latest FISA bill. People who donate to Act Blue need to be able to trust that the candidates who receive these funds will vote in favor of the people, or at least in favor of upholding the Constitution.