Darcy Burner: “ActBlue’s tools have made it possible for ordinary people to have an enormous impact on politics in races like mine.”

We’re back again with another voice from the field.

In the third part of an occasional series, we’re traveling to Washington State, where the formidable Darcy Burner is running for Congress. We had a chance to talk with Burner for a bit at Netroots Nation about the race, an unexpectedly eventful summer, and the power of small donations.

Author of the much-noted "Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq," Darcy Burner is challenging Republican Dave Reichert for the Congressional seat representing Washington’s Eighth District. A Harvard graduate, Burner worked for software companies in Boston and San Francisco before settling in Washington State, where she worked on Microsoft’s .NET project. She grew up in a military family in rural towns across the United States.

Darcy Burner made headlines earlier this summer when her family’s home was consumed by fire. A powerful photograph portraying the candidate in an "end the war" shirt written in computer code (</war>) sparked bloggers nationwide to rally behind Burner. In a matter of weeks, they raised more than $150,000 from hundreds of contributors on ActBlue, enough to give Burner "the breathing room she needs to tend to her own affairs without worrying about neglecting her campaign."

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Darcy Burner.

(*ActBlue does not take sides in a contested primary, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.)

Small contributions have fueled Burner’s ActBlue success, averaging less than $38, but totaling more than $400,000. And that’s what we’re all about here: putting power in your hands, and changing the way candidates win.

Make a difference. Go to www.actblue.com today and do your part.

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