Two More ActBlue Democrats to Run in November

picture_1 Washington state’s
first top-two primary election was held yesterday, August 19, and
ActBlue superstar Darcy Burner has offered further proof of her
campaign’s building momentum in the weeks leading to the November
general elections.

Burner came within three points of Republican incumbent Dave
Reichert in yesterday’s primary, and left Reichert with fewer votes
than were cast for the three Democratic candidates. Burner and Reichert
will advance to the November round. (Washington State is one of few
jurisdictions to offer what’s called a ‘top-two primary,’ wherein the
two candidates who receive the most votes will advance to the general,
regardless of party affiliation.)

Burner has been one of ActBlue’s most successful candidates,
raising more than $420,000 this cycle from a whopping 11,300 donors. For more about Burner and the
race, see our video blog post from last week. 


In Wyoming, Gary Trauner is officially the Democratic
nominee for
Congress. Trauner, a former elected official, has served as chair of
his school board and on the Jackson Hole Land Trust. An accomplished
entrepreneur, Trauner co-founded Cell Response Formulation and and served as Vice President of Teton Trust Company. Trauner, who has been using ActBlue since 2006, has raised more than $215,000 on ActBlue this cycle. He
will stand against former State Treasurer Cynthia Lummis in November.

Congratulations to Darcy Burner, Gary Trauner, and their campaigns. And congratulations to all of you. Keep up the good work!

*ActBlue does not take sides in contested primaries, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.

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I will not and have not given to anyone, due to I am tried of the trash that has been put out by both parties. I call Clinton the worlds worst PANHANDLER…. All she has done is beg for more money… She has as all of the rest is beg for money. I feel that since it is against the law to beg under bridges in this state, you it should be outlawed… I am retired and am damn mad at the way the US is headed today. There are 545 on the Washington Beltway, that needed to be voted out of Office and we need to start out with folks that can or will tell the truth.
I have already voted and wrote in Micky Mouse. I feel that he is as good as we have running now. I have also voted for anyone that is not in Office today. The Gov. we have today, does not care about me one bit.