Sam Bennett: “ActBlue Has Been an Incredible Partner”

what a crew! For the fifth week in a row, as promised, we’re bringing
you a portrait of a candidate who’s doing great things on ActBlue.

We’ve been out West for a while, so we thought it was about time to head back to the other coast, this time to Pennsylvania.

Siobhan "Sam" Bennett
is challenging Bush Republican Charlie Dent for a congressional seat in
Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District. The Allentown native has
spend more than 30 years working in her community, and her
congressional bid has been named one of the DCCC’s top 20 emerging

When high schoolers in Bennett‘s neighborhood were graduating without the skills they needed to find jobs, Bennett
founded a construction company to teach them valuable trade skills and
a work ethic. When Allentown’s older homes were crumbling, Bennett
set up a non-profit to reward homeowners who repaired historic
properties. When developmentally disabled adults in the region needed
support, Bennett ran a cookie business and gave them jobs. And when her community’s arts fair was on the brink, Bennett used the skills she had honed as a corporate executive and brought the fair back to life.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Sam Bennett:

(*ActBlue does not take sides in a contested primary, and does not endorse particular candidates for office.)

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