Martin Heinrich: “ActBlue Has Been an Enormous Help to Us”

We’re back again with a profile of one of our more successful Congressional candidates. New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich, running for the Congressional seat for New Mexico’s First District, has raised more than $395,000 on ActBlue from more than 2,000 contributors like you, making it possible for Heinrich’s insurgent campaign to top his opponent’s by five points in the most recent Roll Call poll. That’s your work, and something to be proud of.

For those of you who don’t know much about Martin Heinrich, here’s a primer. Once director of a foundation dedicated to science and environmental education, Heinrich has served on several boards focused on environmental, open space, and urban issues, and has used his time on the City Council to work toward making New Mexico a leader in alternative energy and energy efficiency. Heinrich, who was appointed by Governor Bill Richardson to be Natural Resources Trustee for the State, has also led efforts to reduce crime, raise the minimum wage, and create good jobs in the city. Heinrich is running against Republican Darren White.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Martin Heinrich.

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Heinrich is not running against an incumbent. Its an open seat, the previous rep, Heather Wilson lost in the Republican primary for New Mexico’s open Senate seat.