Debbie Cook: “ActBlue has made it really easy.”

On to the West Coast.

For this week’s ActBlue candidate video, we’re profiling Democrat Debbie Cook, a candidate for Congress in California’s Forty-Sixth congressional district.

Born to a military family, Debbie Cook
ran a small family business for fourteen years before the career shift
that would propel her to public life. In 1989, when her city’s
politicians were proposing, over protests from community, to turn the
central park into a golf course, Cook
organized the effort to save Huntington Beach’s natural resources,
gathering 18,000 signatures in six months and gaining passage of the
protection measure by a three-to-one margin.

After the campaign, Cook went to law
school, joined the California bar, and served as an attorney for the
Bolsa Chica Land Trust, securing protection of the largest unprotected
wetlands south of San Francisco.

Twice elected mayor of Huntington Beach, Cook continues to support protection of beaches, parks, safe drinking water, open spaces, and natural habitats in the area.

is running for Congress against incumbent Republican Dana Rohrabacher,
and is supported by more than thirty community fundraisers on ActBlue.

ActBlue Democrats, here’s Debbie Cook:

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Stay tuned for more next week.

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