So Here’s To You, Edward Kennedy

For more than forty years, everyone who works in
Massachusetts politics has done so in the shadow of  Senator Edward Kennedy and his passing will do little to
change that. ActBlue in particular owes him a profound debt of gratitude. When many in the
Democratic Party had yet to see the potential of ActBlue, Senator Kennedy
offered us his support and became an early champion of our goals.

We were proud to call him our senator and humbled to have
his blessing. Today, we celebrate his accomplishments and mourn his loss with
the rest of the country.

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Cris Sanchez, a former Bernalillo County Sheriffs Commander and who ran against Darren White 7 years ago in the genaral election, announced his canditacy for the 2010 Bernalillo County SHERIFFS Democrat race. His kick off campain was held in the south valley yesterday August 23rd sunday with about 300 strong supporters showing up to his event. It looks like its going to be another great race for Mr. Sanchez. questions go ahead and call him at 243-4849 or 480-4857



Teddy rest in peace. We will never have anyone as committed as you. To me you were a once in a lifetime and I am proud of all you accomplished in the Senate. My proudest moment was in your 1980 campaign for President.
The cause still goes on, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die
We will fight to have your dram come true for all the people.
Dear Senator R I P

Carla Herwitz


I loved Ted Kennedy with all my heart. I’m from MA, where we don’t really have to worry much about our Representatives in Congress except that they keep voting to fund the wars, and some may think that President Obama, who is a likeable and smart man, has come up with a real health plan. He won’t tell me how much it will cost on average for a single person or a family, but I’m sure that during a Depression, there is little that’s affordable. My Comcast TV, Internet, Phone bundle, for instance, or my Credo cell phone that I’m stuck with for 2 years. Thanks former V.P. Gore for pushing through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which created monopolies throughout the country, and high expenses. Oh, I could rant all day, and have come close to doing it. All fer now.

Fritz Gerald


Thank God Congressman. Wilson does not represent my state. His behavior was absolutely dispicable. He does not deserve to be in congress.

Joseph Abbed


I rise my eyes and hands to heaven and ask my Lord; Make me fear You, so I never cast the stones which bring your righteous judgment upon me. With head bowed and on my knees, I ask my God; Make me your servant and champion of the poor and voiceless, You so love.
Thank you Sen. Kennedy for your service to the country, people and God. Be in the eternal life, peace and rest of our Lord.



How can I support a party that has turned it’s back on us just like the right. If they shove this reform plan without getting control of the trial lawyers, the insurance companies and the pharmaceutial companies we might as well loxk the door and hang the out of usiness sign.



Oh Ted how we barley knew ye, although if the last name wasn’t Kennedy would he have gotten away with that poor lady in Chappaquiddick…. or the early life of Womanizing I mean sure Bush had a drinking problem and may on the right seem to pop up with “affairs” but wow teddy killed a woman while driving drunk…. and NOTHING ever happend….. what a great man!!!!