Olivia Julianna

Responding to the Moment How to Build and Sustain Powerful Communities

Olivia Julianna is an abortion rights activist from Houston, Texas; who currently serves as the Director of Politics & Government Affairs at Gen-Z for Change, a non profit that focuses on civic engagement amongst Gen-Z, with a focus on labor rights, abortion rights, and education.

She is most well known for initiating the takedown of a whistleblower website that targeted those in Texas who aided abortion access, working with Democratic campaigns across the country, and raising $2.2 million for abortion funds after she was publicly attacked by Republican Congressman Matt Gatez. Her combined audience across social platforms is over 1 million, where she’s acquired hundreds of millions of views on her content.

Type Partner Programming Panel
Date/Time March 13, 2023
2:30-3:30P CT
Location Hilton Austin
Downtown, Salon #8