Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our mission is to increase participation and transparency in the fundraising process, and we work hard to make sure our features match that goal. No matter how you measure it–3,000,000 donors, more than a quarter billion dollars sent to Democrats–it’s been a success. Here’s one example:

A while back we noticed that mobile web traffic was exploding, so we built a mobile donation form that would make it easy for people to donate with their phone. We also realized that data entry, already a pain on a regular computer, would be even more difficult on a phone. Long story short, we made our mobile form play nice with ActBlue Express, a feature that allows donors to create a profile so they don’t have to retype their info every time they want to give.

The combination proved extremely potent. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of users with an ActBlue Express account, and the mobile conversion rate has grown steadily. ActBlue is hardly the only political entity out there with a quick donate option or a mobile form. But we’re different in one important respect: we provide these tools to every campaign that accepts donations through our site. They’re available to you whether you’re a state senator or a federal candidate, whether you’re a donor who gives $25 or $2,500.

Why does that matter? If you follow politics, you’ve probably seen something about Democratic discomfort with the Citizens United decision. As Republican SuperPACs ramp up for 2012, Democratic campaigns are worried that they won’t be able to keep up with the Adelsons. Donors, meanwhile, are concerned about entrenching a system they dislike. ActBlue is a way out of that dilemma. Candidates don’t have to put themselves at a competitive disadvantage vis a vis Republicans. Donors can give quickly and easily, without embracing GOP tactics.

By taking a settled piece of campaign finance–the ability of individuals to support campaigns–and updating it for the digital age, we’ve massively increased participation and transparency in fundraising. Oh, and sent nearly $100,000,000 to Democrats this cycle.

That’s what we’re here to do.

Introducing ActBlue Express. One-click political donations are only a minute away.

ActBlue is unveiling a sparkly new feature this week. We’re calling it ActBlue Express, and we think you’re going to like it. It’ll make your life easier, and it’ll make democracy stronger. (How clever.)

It’s better for you. ActBlue Express will save you time by storing your information for you, just like Amazon. See all your donations in one place.

It’s better for democracy.
  Through ActBlue Express, we’ll collect the kinds of information campaigns need to do a better job—and we’ll protect your privacy at the same time.

It’s better for the environment. Over time, ActBlue will help campaigns cut down on unnecessary paper mailings, by allowing you to elect to have campaign correspondence delivered to you electronically. (We could have called this “ActBlue Goes Green,” but we’re not that incorrigibly schmaltzy.)

Getting started is easy.

–If you have an ActBlue username, log in to MyActBlue to create your donor account. Click ‘Create Donor Profile’ under ‘Account Settings.’

–If you don’t yet have an ActBlue username, make a donation to any candidate (or to ActBlue), and click the ‘Sign up now’ button on the ‘Thank You’ screen.