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ActBlue State of the States Report

As ActBlue continues to expand our operations on the state level into new states we continuously see great examples of using ActBlue for different purposes.  This week I would like to highlight the San Diego County Democratic Party. 

While many campaigns use ActBlue to process contributions, the SDCDP is using ActBlue to process contributions and create a guest list for events.  They created a page for their event and added invitation text and sponsorship levels for their donors.  Then, they circulated this link anywhere they advertised the event.

Accepting contributions through an ActBlue page made specifically for an event makes several aspects of event management easy:

  • Today’s donors enjoy the convenience of donating online for events.  By having an online option for event ticket payment, donors can immediately pay online after receiving advertising for the event.
  • Having a special page with the invitation text reduces the potential for donor confusion.  While a normal contribution page would work, a page just for the event makes it very clear what the donation is for.
  • ActBlue’s CSV data export is perfect for creating a guest list and nametags.  From that file you can mail merge the data into whatever format you would like.

Even though technology can make these processes easier, it is no substitute for the hard work that you already put into making events a success.  Your emails, phone calls and mailings are what drive your donors to the page and compel them to contribute.

As always, feel free to email me ( if you would like assistance with setting up a page or exporting data.

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