Nominee Funds Active for all 2008 Federal Candidates

We recognize that it’s early in the 2008 cycle and many candidates are not anywhere close to announcing a run for federal office, be that a U.S. Senate seat or Congress.  It’s natural that during this time, potential candidates are testing the waters, talking to friends, and contemplating the financial needs of any campaign they may choose to embark upon.

As of today we’re going to help make that last decision a little easier to encourage Democrats to run for office. We’ve created "Democratic Nominee Funds" for every Republican-held Senate and House seat.   All of the money raised for these funds will be held until after a state’s primary election and then transferred to the Democratic Nominee to help them with their general election campaign against Republicans.

So if you are a blogger or grassroots activist and want to raise money to aid Democratic candidates in the future, making use of Democratic Nominee Funds is a great way to encourage new candidates to run and not take sides in a primary. For example, Texas bloggers are raising money for a Democratic challenger to Sen. John Cornyn while discussions go on about potential candidates.

(Just look through our directory (i.e. Florida) to see seats where no one has filed and a Nominee Fund exists instead! It works for any state search.)

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Great question, Kari!
This cycle, we’ll only be featuring Draft Funds for the presidential race. The recent FEC advisory opinion gave us specific parameters and instructions for draft fund application. In accordance, we’re only offering them for the presidential race.
We can help you entice your favored Senate candidate into the race with the Democratic Nominee Funds Karl-Thomas describes above. There are funds in every district devoid of a Democratic incumbent. The Funds collect contributions throughout the cycle and are disbursed with the winner of the Democratic primary to help with those crucial first weeks of the General Election.
Knowing that a cushion of contributions is awaiting them post-primary has helped candidates measure support for candidacy and feel more secure about entering the race. Texas bloggers have already started raising funds to unseat Senator Coryn ( and activists in New Hampshire have spurred efforts to defeat Senator Sununu (
Are you interested in a particular seat, Kari? Is there anything we can do to help? Please let us know either here on the blog on at .