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Thanks to Over 35 Bloggers

I just wanted to take this time to thank the 37 (and still growing) blogs that have been a part of our launch of ActBlue. Many of them promoted our guest diaries, commented on them, and got some productive discussions rolling.

At The Albany Project, our post led to a $2000 donation towards the efforts to Activate ActBlue in New York. At the Prairie State Blue we were invited to become an occasional front page blogger. I personally got to meet with one of the bloggers from Blue Mass Group on Tuesday and we’re getting added to the blogrolls at My Left Wing and Blue Hampshire. Because of our posts at Square State, West Virginia Blue, and Blue Jersey, we continued some conversations about getting active in states where we are not yet including one proposition that could lead to some exciting developments across the country.

Additionally, we want to thank Blue Sunbelt, Blue Oklahoma, AZNetroots, Below Boston, Burnt Orange Report, FLA Politics, Minnesota Campaign Report, and Swing State Project for promoting our cross-post to their front pages for discussion. Other blogs where we were present were Daily Kos, MyDD, Calitics, Raising Kaine, Capitol Talk, Colorado Pols, Blue Forests, Democratic Central, Left in the West, Michigan Liberal, Mass Revolution Now, South Carolina ’08, Texas Kaos, Turn Maine Blue36th District Democrats, Blue Indiana, Free State Politics, Progressive Connection, NMFBIHOP, Blue NC, and Green Mountain Daily.

And just to point out, this is a small section of the much larger State Blogging Communities which collectively consist of about 600 blogs (at least from what I have indexed so far).

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