$20 Million Served by ActBlue

At around 8 PM tonight, ActBlue passed the $20,000,000 milestone. Needless to say, there was lots of refreshing of the homepage as we watched this very important milestone roll by.

November 2004: $850,000

February 2005: $1 million

May 2006: $5 million

September 2006: $10 million

and on March 26, 2007: We watched this…


turn into this…entirely fitting for 2007 don’t you think?


After a toast around the office, I took some time to bring you the following delightful photoshop which expresses our office’s excitement over this amazing milestone. I’ve stashed it in the extended entry…


4 Comments for “$20 Million Served by ActBlue”



Congratulations! I am so proud to be able to work with the ActBlue team and wish you all much continued success. Thank you for all you do for our Democratic family!


Awesome! Congrats. ActBlue has made is so easy to make affordable contributions and I really feel like my money’s having an impact. Thank you.


Thanks for all the wonderful comments! And to think that we’ll have processed a whole ‘nother $100,000 by 8 pm tonight!