22 States Where You Can ActBlue

So you may have noticed that we’re running some new code here on ActBlue as of yesterday evening. I’ll tour you through some of these features in upcoming posts.

As part of this upgrade, we’ve removed the page that gave recognition to all the groups that helped make ActBlue active on the state level. I’ve posted this archive for historical purposes in the extended entry as their support should be noted for all to see.

We’re looking forward to expanding to even more states after our successful launch of Virginia and Mississippi a few months ago. Thanks to some conversations this past week we might have an extra state or two to add to this list soon. If you’d like to discuss getting ActBlue active in your state and have some ideas, suggestions, or funding don’t hesitate to contact us.

States where ActBlue is now active

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I don’t know what it takes to get ActBlue to become active in my state but I really wish you would consider helping Andrew Rice, Democrat from Oklahoma, defeat the ultra conservative wingnut Jim Inholf for US Senate. Rice is a wonderful progressive, intelligent candidate who is behind in the polls and…well you already know who Inholf is.