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Since 2004, ActBlue has helped Democrats raise over $22 million in online contributions.  We are a Political Action Committee, not a business, so our motivation is getting Democrats elected instead of padding profit margins.  We know how much of a hassle accepting credit card donations on the Internet can be, and we want to help.

One of the areas that ActBlue can now help in is with your local County Democratic Party.

If your local county party or committee is in one of the 22 states where ActBlue is already active (minus some clean-elections states like Arizona), you can have all the ActBlue fundraising tools utilized by top tier House and Senate campaigns at the disposal of your county party.  Several county parties are already using those tools to achieve success!

In Oregon, the Yamhill County Democratic Party uses ActBlue to accept monthly recurring contributions:

Instead of soliciting your membership for a one-time donation, recurring contributions allow you to ask them for $10 a month (or more) for the next year.  This helps you budget and helps your members by spreading out their contribution over an entire year.

The San Diego County Democratic Party used ActBlue to accept RSVPs and payments for their annual fundraising dinner:

Using ActBlue for event management allows you to see your rsvps in real time (no waiting for a check in the mail!).  Online invitations help circulate event details while collecting contributions. Contributor data in spreadsheet form provides you with an instant guest list and useful template for nametags and thank you notes.

The Democratic Party of San Fernando Valley used ActBlue earlier this year to collect registration costs for their General Assembly meeting.

So how cost effective is this for local parties?  There is no setup fee, no maintenance fee, no check fee, no check re-issue fee and no customer service fees.  We deduct a processing fee of around 3.95% which covers what we are charged by our credit card processor.  This fee comes out of your contributions so there are never any bills to pay.

Every Monday we mail checks to all campaigns and committees that received contributions through ActBlue during the past week.  All of the information about the individual contributors is available online and can be imported to your existing campaign finance software.

You can see that there are a number of ways that County Parties can use ActBlue. In the most basic sense, parties can use ActBlue to process their general donations and ease their reporting burden. At any time they can take advantage of these more creative and advanced options to enhance their fundraising, none of which even requires a county party to have a website!

This is just another way we are hoping to make ActBlue useful to you in building a more Democratic America. Please contact us at to discuss how we can help your county party. We’ll be happy to get you started!

6 Comments for “ActBlue Helping County Parties”

Wayne King


Hello friends, I am a County district candidate in Mississippi in need of your support. This county has not had a democratic candidate since the retiring incumbent switched to the republican party in 1999. I believe I have a great chance to take this office back, but my finacial assets are running on empty. I am asking for the help of every democrat in this great country to please reach deep in every pocket and help me to win this battle for democracy in america. Thanks for your support. wayne king /


Hi Wayne, currently ActBlue isn’t set up to help candidates on the county level in any of the states where we are active. We’re working towards offering that in the future at some point, but not yet. You may wish to work with a county committee on raising funds as we can help those in Mississippi.


Yesterday I attended a CA Democratic Party regional meeting in Stockton. In attendance were representatives of many of the CDP Region 7 county committees.
When the subject of fundraising came up I took to the floor and explained to the group what ActBlue had done in setting up accounts for county committees in CA. Most did not know and they soaked up the information like a sponge. I expect they will all begin using ActBlue soon.
Two things of particular interest were the event management capabilities and the ability to donate using a credit card.
FYI I am raising funds in two places, here and here.

Sara Bode


We started with Act Blue during our Congressional campaign last year.
Now we’d like to use it for Berrien County Democratic Party fundraising. But Michigan’s not on your list of states – bother! Please add Michigan to your list, and I’ll see that the other six counties in our district hear about you, and so will our State Dem. Chair
Let me know.
Sara Bode