County Party Success Story in Maine

Recently we talked about County Parties and how ActBlue can help them in many states across the county. We’ve been adding new counties scattered across the county since that post but I wanted to point our a really great success story.

Enter the Hancock County Democratic Committee in Maine. An institution that goes back many years, folks involved with the Party saw our posts and with the help of the writers over at Turn Maine Blue got set up using ActBlue.

What’s more exciting is that they used ActBlue to launch an innovative fundraising pitch for a new bumper sticker they were selling. (kakistocracy meaning "Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.")

They set up this ActBlue fundraising page and crossposted it as part of a story that hit the top of the recommended list at Daily Kos. They raised over $225 for their county committee while pushing out a great message (and adding a word that probably did not previously exist in our vocabulary).

So a hat-tip to the Hancock County Democrats in this installment of "Page of the Week". (Yes, we’ll get back to this feature more regularly so it doesn’t turn into Page of the Month.)

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Thanks much for the plug and for anyone who is planning to come to Maine this summer try and make it on Sat, August 4 when we have our 4th annual Great Democracy Auction (free food!). It’s a great and inspiring time. I’ll be part of the Rural Progressive panel at YKos on Aug. 3 if you can’t make it to Maine.



Not a new word; bringing back an old one. The earliest known use of “Kakistocracy” was from 1829, according to the Online Etymological Dictionary. It comes from the Greek, “kakistos”, meaning “the worst”.


That is a great case study – a blueprint for other locals. How is fulfillment/ordering managed at the back end? Is it just a cafepress item or fulfilled by the local committee?


As for the fulfillment, that is taken care of by the County Party. I’m not sure how they are managing it but my thoughts are that they are using the donor list to fulfill the orders by mail, since all of the addresses and contact information is neatly gathered in one place.