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ActBlue Stats Week: Friday

Over the past week we’ve looked at a number of statistics from, everything from some raw numbers, top candidates, and top fundraising pages. To finish out our series we’re going to take a look at one of the most important areas of ActBlue- state level fundraising.

It’s true that federal activity made up the majority of 2nd Quarter fundraising at ActBlue- 90% in fact. That’s no surprise as federal races have always made up the bulk of ActBlue activity and tend to get started sooner than state legislative races.

That said, state level fundraising at ActBlue has huge potential for 2008 and is already showing enormous growth. In the 2nd Quarter, $323,638 was raised for state candidates in 15 states. (To note- in Q2 2005, just under $100,000 was raised across ActBlue for all candidates federal and non-federal.)

The charts below break out the numbers by state and detail the cluster of activity in Virginia (which has 2007 elections) and California.

Q2 $ Raised by State Q2 Donors by State # of Recipient Campaigns
$ Received State # of Donors State # of Campaigns State
148,856 CA 650 VA 40 VA
120,308 VA 551 CA 15 CA
23,774 IL 145 IL 6 TX
16,990 MT 122 MT 5 PA
6,877 MO 43 PA 4 MT
2,705 PA 35 MO 4 NM
1,840 WI 17 WI 4 WI
1,210 MS 16 OH 3 NH/OH

In addition, the following table is of the Top 10 state candidates by $ raised on ActBlue in the 2nd Quarter.

$ Raised in Q2 Candidate Office
74,254 Mark Leno CA-SD-03
31,136 Joe Alioto Veronese CA-SD-03
28,267 Karen Schultz VA-SD-27
23,739 Daniel Biss IL-HD-17
15,540 Carlos Del Toro VA-HD-88
12,295 Donald McEachin VA-SD-09
11,745 Steve Bullock MT-Atty Gen
11,325 Jay Donahue VA-HD-86
8,668 Rick Gonzales CA-HD-80
8,175 Connie Brennan VA-HD-59

We’re looking forward to helping more candidates in the 23 states where we are active. If you are a campaign in the following states, (Alabama, Arizona, California, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming) contact us at to get set up with ActBlue and start fundraising today!

That concludes our Q2 Stats Week with ActBlue. If seeing more if this type of data is something you find valuable on an ongoing basis, leave a note and we’ll see about developing a more automated system to present select data.

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