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July ActBlue Activity Report

Given the success and interest in our end of quarter ActBlue Stats Week, I thought that I would do a July report on the activity on ActBlue. And if there is interest, I’ll start doing a simplified weekly round up of what’s been going on in the online fundraising world.

So let’s dive into some July data as measured through ActBlue.com

Total Contributions: $642,438.41
Number of Donors: 9,644
Average Contribution Size: $66.61
Median Contribution Size: $27.50

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 352

Here are the Top 10 Candidates by amounts received through ActBlue in July.

Name Amount Race
John Edwards $168,898.95 President
Niki Tsongas $17,240.00 MA-05
Eric Massa $16,091.82 NY-29
Dennis Kucinich $15,673.30 President
John Kerry $14,664.01 MA-Sen
Steve Novick $12,157.30 OR-Sen
Tim Johnson $11,324.00 SD-Sen
Kay Barnes $10,940.00 MO-06
Tom Harkin $9,901.27 IA-Sen
Jamie Eldridge $9,534.10 MA-05

And here are the Top 5 fundraising pages by number of donors (excluding pages used by candidates to collect contributions directly from campaign websites).

Page Amount Donors
The People’s Email Network $15,319.30 420
Roadblock Republicans $25,010.01 416
Blogosphere Day $18,324.57 392
Support Eric Massa for Congress $16,607.20 272
Democracy for America List $8,182.93 184

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