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August ActBlue Activity Report

August is over so it’s time for a monthly stats round-up of what’s been happening in Democratic online fundraising over ActBlue.  Let’s dive into some data- (change from prior month in parentheses).

Total Amount Contributed: $1,039,376.72 (+$396,938)
Total # of Contributions:
14,648 (+5,004)
Average Contribution Size: $70.96 (+$4.35)

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 419 (+ 67)

Here are the Top 10 Recipients by amounts received through ActBlue in August.

Name Amount Office
John Edwards $214,180.51 President
Darcy Burner $105,202.18 WA-08
Niki Tsongas $48,616.00 MA-05
Rick Noriega $39,696.13 TX-Sen
Jamie Eldridge $30,122.35 MA-05
Jeff Merkley $27,581.67 OR-Sen
Jared Polis $25,153.00 CO-02
Russ Warner $21,118.87 CA-26
San Diego Democratic Party $18,119.00 County
Joe Alioto Veronese $16,505.00 CA-SD-03

Here are the Top 10 Recipients by # of donors through ActBlue in August.

Name Donors Office
John Edwards 3,182 President
Darcy Burner 2,950 WA-08
Rick Noriega 539 TX-Sen
Daniel Biss 358 IL-HD-17
Dennis Kucinich 274 President
Jamie Eldridge 270 MA-05
San Diego Democratic Party 251 County
Jeff Merkley 245 OR-Sen
Al Franken 241 MN-Sen
BlogPAC 216 PAC

And here are the Top 5 fundraising pages by number of donors
(excluding pages used by candidates solely to collect contributions directly
from campaign websites).

Fundraising Page Raised Donors Avg.
Burn Bush for Burner $87,682.54 2429 $36.09
Blue America ’08 $24,525.30 372 $20.00
Blue Majority $16,265.42 349 $23.07
Netroots for Rick Noriega for Senate $30,849.16 324 $95.21
Brotherhood 2.0 for Daniel Biss $1,673.00 210 $7.96

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