Activity Report: September 9th-15th, 2007 featured image placeholder

Activity Report: September 9th-15th, 2007

This is our latest installment of our Weekly ActBlue Activity Reports. The last posted report is here. (Week over week changes in parentheses)

I’ve added a new statistic this week– the total number of campaigns/committees who received funds for the first time though ActBlue. These are often new campaigns that have filed and started raising money and will continue to do so into the future. Others are candidates or groups ActBlue has listed in our directory for some time and have only just now had their first contribution through us.

Total Amount Contributed last week: $378,409.86 (+ $59,418)
Total # of Contributions: 2,935 (- 2,457)
Avg. Contribution size: $128.93 (+ $69.77)

Total # of Recipient Campaigns & Committees: 266 (+ 45)
Total # New Campaigns & Committees receiving funds : 27

Here are the Top 5 Recipients on ActBlue last week by number of donors.

Rank Name District Donors
1 John Edwards President 628
2 Mark Warner VA-Sen 300
3 Tim Johnson SD-Sen 205
4 Tom Harkin IA-Sen 89
5 Rick Noriega TX-Sen 81

Here are the Top 5 Candidate Recipients on ActBlue last week by total amount raised.

Rank Name District Raised
1 Mark Warner VA-Sen $74,071.08
2 John Edwards President $48,021.21
3 Tom Harkin IA-Sen $33,986.00
4 Mark Schauer MI-07 $15,064.00
5 Rick Noriega TX-Sen $14,938.01

Here are the Top 5 ActBlue Fundraising Pages last week by number of donors.

Rank Name Donors Raised Average
1 Welcome Back Tim Johnson 166 $8,483.00 $51.10
2 Netroots for Rick Noriega 66 $14,071.01 $213.19
3 The People’s Email Network
63 $2,236.00 $35.49
4 Blue America ’08
52 $3,807.03 $21.15
5 Happy Birthday Eric Massa 33 $1,582.05 $47.94

A quick glance at this activity shows a lot of money moving into campaigns for the U.S. Senate. Last week saw the entrance of Mark Warner into the Virginia Senate race which helped rocket him up the ActBlue charts. Tim Johnson’s colleagues continued to raise funds in honor of his return to the Senate which we discussed in this post. Sen. Tom Harkin hosted his 30th Annual Steak Fry over the weekend boosting him into the top tier as well.

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