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ActBlue Q3 Stats Week: Monday

The federal end-of-quarter (Q3) has come and gone! So let’s spend some time looking at our ActBlue totals, donors, and contributions. I’ll be breaking these apart for the 3rd Quarter and comparable periods as well as the lifetime of ActBlue. This is just day one of a whole week of interesting stats and data here on the ActBlue blog.

Total Contributions
Lifetime:        $29,027,471.89
2007 to date:  $11,377,358.58 (+ 48% from same period 2006)
Q3 of 2007:      $4,814,059.61 (+ 39% from Q2 of 2007)

The 3rd Quarter of 2007 represents 42% of all contributions so far in 2007 and nearly 17% of all contributions made on ActBlue over the least 3 years. To put this in perspective, the amount raised in this past quarter is about as much as was raised in ActBlue’s first 2 years. The totals raised so far in 2007, an off-election year, are outpacing those of the same period in 2006, an election year. And if you want to compare 2007 to the same period in 2005 (both off-years) then the increase is a staggering 1,015%. Wow.

Total Number of donors
Lifetime:        260,795
2007 to date:  102,523 (+45% from same period 2006)
Q3 of 2007:      40,551 (+ 40% from Q2 of 2007)

The 3rd Quarter of 2007 contains 40% of all donors to candidates through ActBlue so far in 2007 and nearly 16% of the number of individual donors on ActBlue since its inception. An interesting note, the average donor gives to 1.74 candidates per donation through ActBlue (because of donors’ ability to give through multi-candidates pages at ActBlue).

Average contribution size to all entities
Lifetime:        $64.13
2007 to date:  $94.95 (+ 49% from same period 2006)
Q3 of 2007:     $93.35   (- 6% from Q2 of 2007)

At the end of last quarter I made the prediction that "as individual fundraisers and grassroots
communities grow we expect the average contribution size to naturally
fall later in the cycle."
It looks as if in the short term this is turning out to be true. The average contributions size in Q3 is down nearly 6% from that of Q2 this year and while still higher than the lifetime average, is trending back towards the lifetime average of $64.13 per contribution. (Just to note, the average contribution size is not calculated using the number of "donors" but rather the number of "contributions"- the reason being that one donor can make multiple contributions in one transaction by giving through a multi-candidate fundraising page.)

Join us again tomorrow when we explore the topic of top candidates on the ActBlue Blog.

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