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ActBlue 2007 Stats Week: Friday

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Comparing the 2005-2006 election cycle to the 2007-2008 election

Number of Contributors in 2007: 144,151
Number of Contributors in 2005: 22,067

Pages Created in 2007: 2600
Pages created in 2005: 1112

Number of Contributors Leaving Tips in 2007: 59,346
Number of Contributors Leaving Tips in 2005: 10,977

Top Ten Pages with the Highest Number of Tippers: (pages with 100+ contributors)

Page % of Tippers
Eschaton ’08 Challengers 77%
Freeze Out Fox News 77%
Not One Red Cent 74%
Burn Bush for Burner 71%
Blue Majority 70%
BlogPac Heroes 69%
AMERICAblog Supports Tom Allen 69%
Blue America ’08 68%
Help Skinner Finish the Job 68%
BlogPac 67%
Steve Beshear 67%

In 2007 ActBlue Democrats raised ten times more funds than in 2005.  Because of ActBlue’s phenomenal growth there
are thousands more participants in the Democratic process and we fully
expect their accumulated activity to reach $100 million by the time
ballots are cast in November.  That’s $100 million raised for Democrats
across the country on ActBlue. It’s clear that 2008 is going to be a watershed
year for Democrats up and down the ballot.  ActBlue Democrats are at the
forefront of that success.

We rely on the tens of thousands
of people who support us through tipping (59,346 in 2007).  That
support keeps us
afloat so we can empower more people to support campaigns and influence
political process.  Tips allow ActBlue to add more staff to provide
hands-on customer service and train activists nationwide.  Tips allow
us to deliver more enhanced features on our website.  Tips are the fuel that keeps ActBlue burning.

It’s only fitting that we end stats week by recognizing the
extraordinary action and escalating growth of ActBlue with a humble
thank you to all those who left us a tip in 2007 making all of this


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