Let’s Build on this Momentum

We asked and you delivered.  This morning the Presumptive Nominee Fund for President had raised just  $448 from 20 contributors.  Today ActBlue Democrats responded to our call to action.  As of this post the fund had raised $4,510 from 84 people.  The Start Fighting Now page alone has raised $4,013!

Thank you so much for joining our effort.

Your contributions
will help ensure that our candidate is ready to fight the Republican nominee. We’re going to keep building the momentum we’ve started today, and we’d love your help.

Can you help us

ActBlue fights for the Democratic Party in its most vulnerable places. Help our nominee today.  Start Fighting Now for the White House!

4 Comments for “Let’s Build on this Momentum”



Is there a reason that KY is not included in the ActBlue active states? KY has voted for the winning presidential ticket for decades, on both sides; and Fletcher is the only R Governor (single-term abomination?) in decades – but Indiana is a top target? Come on…


Hi Andrew.
ActBlue is currently active in states where it’s legal for us to be active. The campaign finance laws in KY currently do not allow for us to be active there. Eventually we do hope to be active in all 50 states but in states like Kentucky that may to require changes in the law.

Jon Bailey


What’s the point of this if the candidates you endorse vote with Republicans? I supported Webb and McCaskill through ActBlue, and both just voted to give retroactive immunity to the telecoms, when the majority of Dems opposed it. Webb also supported Bush’s latest FISA-gutting bill. This is sickening. I don’t blame you, but I think you owe your financial supporters an explanation. What is your criteria for picking candidates to support?