Start Fighting Now

Are you ready to to take back the White House?  I know I am. 

At the moment we don’t know who the Democratic nominee will be.  What we do know is that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have inspired voters across the nation.  We also know that no matter who the nominee is they’re going to need a sizable war chest to defeat the McCain machine.

I’m ready to start fighting now.  And ActBlue has a way to do that: the Presumptive Democratic Nominee fund for President.  Contributions will be forwarded to the Democratic nominee as soon as he or she has secured the nomination.

Political Director Erin Hill just sent an email out to ActBlue users explaining more.  Below is an excerpt from that email.  Emphasis mine.

The Republicans have their nominee. Time and time again, this is where Democrats are most vulnerable: we take months to select a nominee, and we fight divided against a unified Republican voice.

The hardest, the biggest, the most important fight right now is the fight for the White House.

We need everyone to start working on building a war chest for
the Democratic Nominee. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to help our nominee even before he or she is chosen.

Donate today to help our candidate hit the ground running.

Are you ready to start fighting now?  Here are some steps you can take.

  1. Contribute through ActBlue’s Start Fighting Now fundraising page.
  2. Add the Presumptive Democratic Nominee Fund onto your fundraising page or create a new page and start fundraising!
  3. Spread the word to your friends family and neighbors. 
  4. Join ActBlue’s Start Fighting Now Facebook Group.

ActBlue fights for the Democratic Party in its most vulnerable places. Join us today.  Start fighting now for the White House!

2 Comments for “Start Fighting Now”



Yeah, but if the nomination is decided in the back-rooms of the Convention hall, I’m not giving a red cent.
Can the two candidates guarantee us that this process will be ended civilly by the end of May at the latest? And will they agree to not let the super-delegates decide this, but instead abide by the winner of the pledged delegates from the fifty-five contests?
Not to mention Florida and Michigan.
Anyway, if my party leaders can’t promise me that this fight won’t get ugly and divisive, I’m going to have to give my money to Congressional challengers for the time being. Go Jim Himes!

Independent CT Voter


As an independent voter, I take offense to your “McCain machine” comment. The Clinton machine is the only machine in this race.
Like so many other Obama supporters, my vote will go to Senator McCain if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee.