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ActBlue Stats Week: Wednesday

Second Quarter Stats: April 1-June 30, 2008

On this second of July, the anniversary of the Continental Congress voting to declare independence, we are happy to return to our quarterly stats report. Today, we’ll highlight the Top 10 Candidates by Dollars and the Top 10 Candidates by Donors for the second quarter of 2008, as well as the Top 10 Candidates by Dollars for the last day of the quarter, June 30, 2008.  That’s a lot of lists, but we promise that you will find all of them captivating.

Top 10 Candidates by Contributions for Q2 2008

1. Rick Noriega TX-Sen $454,082.32
2. Kay Hagan NC-Sen $386,546.00
3. Mark Warner VA-Sen $242,116.75
4. Scott Kleeb NE-Sen $226,042.87
5. Dan Seals IL-10 $185,819.18
6. Chellie Pingree ME-01 $184,223.97
7. Joseph Sestak Jr. PA-07 $183,775.38
8. Martin Heinrich NM-01 $147,564.20
9. Gary Peters MI-09 $135,805.99
10. Barack Obama President $131,367.23

With so much attention given to the presidential race, it’s important to note the enormous success of these congressional and senatorial campaigns. ActBlue is bringing these campaigns to the forefront of Democratic fundraising. Yesterday, we mentioned the exponential increase in ActBlue’s overall numbers from the second quarter of 2008, and the above list shows where that volume comes from: Noriega and Hagan raised nearly two times the amounts raised by the top two candidates in our first quarter’s list of top ten candidates.

The dollars are impressive, but we believe pariticpation is the real important point and
we count metrics by the number of donors as well as dollars.  Campaigns
and committees are increasingly promoting this rationale, too. The
prominent blog Daily Kos, for example, set and exceeded its ambitious goal of netting 500 contributors for each of the candidates listed on their ‘Orange to Blue‘ page.

Top 10 Candidates by Donors for Q2 2008

1. Rick Noriega TX-Sen 4818
2. Scott Kleeb NE-Sen 2565
3. Barack Obama President 2355
4. Shirley Golub CA-08 1791
5. Mark Warner VA-Sen 1762
6. Eric Massa NY-29 1717
7. Regina Thomas GA-12 1661
8. Kay Hagan NC-Sen 1652
9. Mark Begich AK-Sen 1550
10. Andrew Rice OK-Sen 1546

This list of Top 10 Candidates by Donors shows a significant increase in the donor numbers from last quarter– a happy stat for ActBlue Democrats.

As we mentioned in our Stats Report yesterday, ActBlue raised nearly $1 million on Monday, a groundbreaking last day for Q2 2008.  This should be no surprise to those of you who received emails encouraging you to contribute to Democratic campaigns or committees in their “final push” to the end of quarter. Because of the astounding success of this last minute fundraising, today we also wanted to highlight the Top 10 Candidates from the final day of the quarter. Whether they enticed their supporters with contests, t-shirts, match-challenges or last-minute pleas, these Top 10 Candidates have striking numbers to report.

Top 10 Candidates by Contributions on June 30, 2008

1. Rick Noriega TX-Sen $76,332.83
2. Kay Hagan NC-Sen $70,781.20
3. Joseph Sestak Jr. PA-07 $52,609.88
4. Martin Heinrich NM-01 $31,400.52
5. Scott Harper IL-13 $26,352.31
6. Dan Seals IL-10 $24,867.48
7. Mark Warner VA-Sen $21,451.75
8. Andrew Rice OK-Sen $20,968.26
9. Ronnie Musgrove MS-Sen $20,842.00
10. Bob Lord AZ-03 $17,609.51

Remarkably, the last day of the quarter brought in 28% of Joseph Sestak’s total quarterly contributions, and 21% of Martin Heinrich’s.

Check in tomorrow when we profile our Top 10 fundraising pages, also by dollars and donors, and the Top 10 pages with the highest percentage of tippers, that help keep ActBlue going strong.

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