ActBlue Stats Week: Thursday

Second Quarter Stats: April 1-June 30, 2008

Back to Stats Week! Today we’re profiling the Top 10 (public) Fundraising Pages by Dollars and by Donors. What we love about these stats: our Top 10 lists include Democrats of every ilk, from elected officials to bloggers to organizers.

We’re going to take a look at the roundup this quarter, but before we do, we’d like to explain what ActBlue fundraising pages are and why they are so important to Democrats.

Fundraising pages are the face of fundraising on ActBlue.  You can create a fundraising page to raise money for one candidate or for a slate of candidates and committees. It’s easy and it’s quick– five minutes and you’ll be up and running– and ActBlue provides a number of tools to help you spread the word to your friends.

What’s important about this? Transparency. Any Democrat can raise money on ActBlue, and every time a contribution is made, the candidate can see who’s giving and how the donor got to the page. This transparency leads to accountability, and accountability to better government.

We’ll be posting lots of advice on how to fundraise in the coming weeks. For now, here are some links to articles on how to create an Event Page on ActBlue to manage large or small fundraisers, how one candidate creatively mobilized and energized his supporters, and, of course, how to start fundraising on ActBlue.

Top 10 Fundraising Pages by Dollars for Q2 2008

1.fisa $279,370.20
2.ricknoriega $242,353.73
3.orangetoblue $168,696.93 $128,909.08
5.heinrich $97,735.64
6.blueamerica08 $78,591.22
7.thepen $77,444.83
8.bushdemocrats $59,641.72
9.fillricksboots $59,610.74
10.ethan $58,741.00

Top 10 Fundraising Pages by Donors for Q2 2008


1.fisa 4853
2.ricknoriega 2068
3.thepen 1803
4.orangetoblue 1709
5.bushdemocrats 1313
6.blueamerica08 785
7.heinrich 550
8.fillricksboots 531
9.dailykos_kleeb 510
10.supportjoe 441

As we mentioned above, today’s Top 10 lists include pages created by Democrats from every part of the spectrum, from Democratic leaders and elected officials to insurgent Democratic candidates to networks of prominent bloggers and organizers.

One highlight for this quarter:

Two coalitions of major bloggers, including Orange to Blue, a project of Daily Kos, and Blue America, which unites bloggers from Firedoglake, Digby, Crooks & Liars, DownWithTyranny, and, raised funds for dozens of Democrats from some twelve thousand donors.

Impressive work all around.

Bonus Round

We’ll end our Weekly Stats Report today, instead of tomorrow (Happy Fourth!) with another top ten list: Top 10 Pages with the Highest Percentage of Tippers.  The title of this list may be cumbersome, but these numbers are very important for ActBlue.

We’re a Democratic non-profit organization, not a business. We can make our tools available to thousands of Democrats because people like you leave us tips. These tips are used exclusively by ActBlue to help us get as much money to Democrats as we can.

That’s why we wanted to profile the groups of people who’ve helped us the most this quarter. The donors on this list truly understand what we’re doing at ActBlue. Many thanks to all!

Top 10 Fundraising Pages with Highest Percentage of Tippers  for Q2 2008

(with 100+ donors)
eschatonc08 70%
bluemajority 70%
dailykos_kleeb 66%
orangetoblue 64%
fisa 57%
bushdemocrats 56%
steveharrison 55% 55%
balloonsforobama 52%
supportjoe 52%

If you didn’t know about tipping before today’s post, you can still help ActBlue with our mission by donating or setting up a recurring contribution. We hope this provides you with some comfort and clarity about what we do and who we are, but if you still have questions, email us at

Thanks to all of you that made the second quarter of 2008 a smashing success. We look forward to breaking more records with you next quarter!

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I called feinstein’s office in LA cause the DC one has vmail.
The nice young fellow said the Senator has not announced her position but would listen to what constituents say and take their opinion into consideration.
you can find her district phoners on her website.
they answer the fones in the offices in LA, SD, Fresno and SF unlike DC.
I asked her to oppose telco immunity, defend the 4th amendment, not enable Gooper lawbreaking, support the filibuster, oppose cloture, and stand up for the rule of law as Dems did during watergate and at the Church hearings.
(I would love to post this at Act Blue–but there doesnt seem to be a mechanism unless you use the phone tool–which puts you in DC vmail.)

Jesus Hussein Christ


Why are we asked to contribute to Sen. Feinstein, when she has completely flipped on her FISA stance?
To many of us Californians, she is an utter disgrace when it comes to representing her constituency.
From FISA, to the Iraq war, she has been nothing but a BushDog of the highest order.
Why, Act Blue?


The ActBlue Stats Week According to an ActBlue weekly digest e-mail, Gary Peters cracked the top 10 in fund raising last week. Of all campaigns, his raised the eighth most cash nationwide with $8,587.75. The e-mail noted that some of his donors included the DCCC and Sen. Carl Levin.
Arizona Treatment Centers